John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction III

If it's true what they say about "opposites attract", the rapport between them has certainly evolved into attraction.

by Marwan Bishara


John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction II

It was certainly not love at first sight - but it was the first of many more encounters to come.

by Marwan Bishara


Syria: Russia-US have no say in Assad's fate

Top Syrian government negotiator says US-Russian meeting in Moscow will not affect his country's stance on peace talks.

Syria's Civil War

US and Russia fail to agree on Syria talks invite list

Despite differences, Lavrov and Kerry expect peace talks between Syrian government and rebels to start this month.

US & Canada

US warns Russia over support for Syrian regime

US Secretary of State John Kerry tells Russian counterpart that aid to Bashar al-Assad "risks exacerbating" conflict.

War & Conflict

Russia warns of Ukraine offensive amid deadly shelling

Moscow warns of possible offensive, as nine people killed in exchanges between army and pro-Russia rebels in east.


Russian appeal for Kiev-rebel talks rebuffed

Ukraine PM says Russia "playing games" to legitimise separatists in the east after Lavrov calls for "stable contracts".


Europe's brand new rogue states

The local population of the breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine lives in constant insecurity and de

by Olesia Markovic


US and Russia find common ground on Ukraine

Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry agree at talks in Beijing to exchange information about situation on Russia-Ukraine border.


Russia backs rebel polls in east Ukraine

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, says the vote will legitimise the rebels in Dontesk and Luhansk.


Russia: We warned the Americans about Islamic State

Russian officials fear regional war may turn into a world war.

by Alexander Nekrassov


Russia slams US and EU over Ukraine sanctions

Russian rouble sinks as Lavrov says sanctions hurt the chances of a lasting peace in eastern Ukraine.