Zimbabwe court overturns ban on Harare protests

Judge lifts police ban, days after president accused courts of recklessness for allowing rallies that turned violent.


'Yes, I was dead,' jokes Mugabe on return to Zimbabwe

After an absence that led to intense speculation that he was ill, the world's oldest head of state returns home.


Zimbabwe police tear gas anti-Mugabe protesters

Zimbabwe police beat up protesters and block off the site of an opposition rally in Harare, despite High Court backing.

Human Rights

Zimbabwe: Anti-Mugabe protests turn violent in Harare

Tear gas, water cannons and batons used to disperse rally in capital Harare with unconfirmed reports of injuries.


Zimbabwe police break up anti-Mugabe protest

Several people have been beaten by police and at least one of the protesters sustained deep cuts on the head.


Zimbabwe's opposition leaders rally against Mugabe

Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and ex-deputy president Joice Mujuru call for unity among opposition parties.

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Zimbabwe war veterans boycott Mugabe speech

The boycott widens the rift with Africa's oldest leader over economic woes.


Zimbabwe: War veterans arrested for 'insulting Mugabe'

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested several senior war veterans who called for President Robert Mugabe to step down.


Zimbabwe war veterans denounce 'dictatorial' Mugabe

In a surprise move, Zimbabwe's war veterans, who supported Mugabe for decades, say they will no longer back him.

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Mugabe: Evan Mawarire sponsored by foreign countries

Zimbabwean president accuses pastor who led protests of being backed by countries set on destabilising the government.


Zimbabwe: Evan Mawarire calls for continued protests

Evan Mawarire called for protests after a court dismissed charges of attempting to overthrow the government.


Zimbabwean protest leader arrested ahead of strike

Preacher Mawarire, who started a campaign against government, has been arrested for "inciting public violence".

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe's season of rising discontent

Mugabe's government faces one of the biggest challenges in its 36-year history, as citizens become desperate for change.