101 East

Strangers in Paradise: Australia's offshore detainees

We travel to remote Manus Island in Papua New Guinea to investigate Australia's refugee detention programme.


Life inside the Philippines' prison without walls

Twice the size of Paris, the open-air Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm offers a unique approach to reforming criminals.

Asia Pacific

Concern over private NZ jail paying bonuses to operator

New privately-run state-of-the art jail in New Zealand aims to prevent reoffending but fears about lack of transparency.

The System

Juvenile Justice

Should a court decide if a child is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole?

The System

Eyewitness Identification

Why are many criminal convictions still made based solely on the discredited practice of eyewitness identification?

Inside Story

Guantanamo: Will it ever close?

As the detention camp marks its 13th anniversary, President Obama has yet to make good on his promise to shut it down.

The System

False Confessions

Should a confession to a crime be enough to convict someone of a crime?


Ex-US marine starts hunger strike in Iran

Amir Hekmati on hunger strike to protest against 10-year jail sentence and calls on President Obama not to forget him.

Human Rights

Venezuela prisoners die of 'drug poisoning'

Officials ascribe deaths of at least 17 jail inmates on hunger strike in Lara state to prescription-drugs ingestion.

Asia Pacific

Malaysia subjects refugees to torture

Al Jazeera documents cases of abuse and mistreatment in the wake of series of raids to catch illegal immigrants.

Human Rights

Bahrain launches probe into prisoner death

Bahrain authorities say they have launched investigation into death of an inmate allegedly by ministry personnel.


Americans freed by North Korea arrive home

Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller serving jail term in communist country reunited with family in Washington State.

Human Rights

Soaring number of deaths in Syria prisons

Nearly 2,000 people have died in Syrian jails in 2014 due to torture and starvation, Syrian Observatory says.