S Africa to review ICC membership after Bashir crisis

Cabinet minister announces review 10 days after Pretoria allowed Sudanese president to fly home, despite arrest warrant.


Sudan in the wake of Bashir's return

Amid a flurry of global headlines, President Bashir's return was met with mixed feelings in Sudan.


Bashir and the double standard of international justice

The lack of political will within the AU is probably due to the fear of leaders' own skeletons being exposed.

by Ayesha Kajee


Bashir back in Sudan despite South Africa court order

Supporters cheer president's return to Khartoum in defiance of Pretoria court order barring his departure from S Africa.


Why South Africa let Bashir get away

Once again, the ICC comes out as a toothless entity in the wrangling over African leaders accused of war crimes.

by Mehari Taddele Maru


Court orders Sudan's Bashir to remain in South Africa

Sudan president ordered to stay until decision is made whether he should be sent to ICC to stand trial for war crimes.


South Africa court blocks Sudan's Bashir from leaving

Rights group seeks arrest of Sudan president - accused by ICC of war crimes - during ongoing visit to attend AU summit.


Sudan wraps up first day of elections with low turnout

Incumbent president expected to win another term in office in elections boycotted by opposition.


Sudan votes in elections set to extend Bashir's rule

Incumbent president expected to win another term in office as opposition boycotts polls.


Sudan set to vote in polls shunned by opposition

Monday's elections are expected to see incumbent president hold on to power, competing with 14 little-known candidates.


Boycott call dampens Sudan's election spirit

Sudanese will vote for a new parliament and president on April 13-15 though the opposition says it will shun the event.


Sudan elections - what elections?

With only weeks left, Khartoum bears few signs that elections are near.


Sudan opposition to boycott national dialogue

Almost all opposition parties say they will pull out of year-long talks, citing worsening political and press freedoms.

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Ali Karti: Bashir 'the only person trusted'

Sudan's foreign minister on the state of his country and whether Omar al-Bashir will stand for re-election next year.

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Salva Kiir: 'I cannot bring peace alone'

South Sudan's president talks about the ongoing violence, internal rivalries, and the future of his country.