Iraqi PM removes dozens of commanders

Military reform seen as bid to boost morale of "troops on the frontline" battling armed groups across the country.


Mixed reactions over Iraq appointments

Key ministers appointment will facilitate the flow of much needed military assistance for Iraqi troops fighting ISIL.


Iraqi PM removes Maliki’s men from key roles

Abbadi forcibly retired two of his army generals and revoked the office of the armed forces' commander-in-chief.


ISIL crisis: Everyone's a winner

The geopolitics of the US war on ISIL means everyone could benefit except for those living in areas

by James Denselow

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Will IS campaign broaden sectarian divide?

Sunnis believed to have helped the Islamic State group are reportedly subject to revenge.

War & Conflict

Obama's war and the Mosul variable

Long term viability of Obama's strategy depends on the people of Mosul and their relationship with t

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

War & Conflict

The enduring short-sightedness of Iraq policies

A narrow focus on the Islamic State group and northern Iraq may lead to disaster - again.

by Lord Alex Carlile of Berriew

War & Conflict

On savagery and war

The Islamic State group and the wholesale violence in Iraq and Syria.

by Marwan Bishara

War & Conflict

Is Turkey's long game in Iraq a success?

The latest developments in Iraq have proven Turkey's foreign policy strategy effective.

by Saban Kardas


The tightrope of foreign intervention in Iraq

What is Western intervention in Iraq risking?

by Sharif Nashashibi

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Will Maliki's resignation save Iraq?

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has agreed to step down at a time of national crisis and deep division.


Can Abadi be the PM that Iraq needs?

Iraq's new prime minister has to move fast to bring unity to the country.

by Sajad Jiyad

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Has the Iraqi PM outstayed his welcome?

Nouri al-Maliki remains defiant in the face of increasing isolation and international pressure to step down.