Protests erupt in Venezuela after alleged court 'coup'

Venezuelan police in riot gear fire buckshot and swing batons to break up rallies a day after court gutted Congress.

Latin America

Venezuela seeks UN help in boosting medicine supplies

President Maduro asks for support to 'treat economic and social injuries' as country suffers severe medicine shortages.


Policeman dies after being shot at Venezuela protests

More than 20 people injured and many detained in nationwide protests calling for the Venezuelan president's ousting.


Venezuela opposition votes to put Maduro on trial

Opposition-led National Assembly votes for criminal trial against president, but Maduro dismisses "illegitimate" move.


Venezuela civil servants face dismissal over referendum

President Nicolas Maduro gives ministries 48 hours to dismiss public workers who signed a petition for his recall.


Venezuela's Maduro: 'No referendum until next year'

President says his opponents will have to wait until next year to call a referendum to oust him.


Venezuela approves first step for Maduro recall vote

Electoral Board accepts 1.3 million signatures calling for a referendum on President Maduro's leadership, amid protests.


Venezuela's apocalypse: The media at war

The red menace just never gets old.

by Belen Fernandez


Protests erupt in Venezuela as power crisis deepens

Looting and clashes reported in several cities as queues get longer for food items while power situation looks bleak.

Inside Story

Can Venezuela opposition oust President Nicolas Maduro?

Venezuelan leader says he will not be moved, despite a centre-right opposition intent on pushing him from office.

Reporter's Notebook

Diminishing returns for Venezuelans may swing election

As inflation skyrockets and queues form from early morning for basic goods, even loyalists abandon Chavez heirs.


Kerry holds landmark talks with Cuban counterpart

Highest-level meeting between Cold War-era foes since 1958 held as leaders arrive in Panama for Summit of the Americas.


Venezuela's Maduro to govern by decree

The so-called "anti-imperialist" law gives President Nicolas Maduro power to legislate by decree in face of US threat.


Venezuela stages military drill to counter US 'threat'

Nearly 100,000 members of armed forces join 10-day exercise that government says is against looming threat from the US.


Maduro seeks more powers to confront US 'aggression'

Socialist leader asks for special decree powers to preserve Latin American nation's "peace, integrity and sovereignty".