India and Pakistan must compromise over Kashmir

History has shown the neighbours can agree on trade and visas. Demilitarisation and self-government are also achievable.

by Shivam Vij


Pakistan suspends executions during Ramadan

PM says temporary suspension will "observe the sanctity of the holy month", six months after lifting moratorium.


Pakistan lifts death penalty moratorium

PM approves abolishing the ban on executions in terror cases in the wake of Peshawar school massacre, which killed 162.

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How will Pakistan deal with armed groups?

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says there is now no difference between "good and bad Taliban".

War & Conflict

Pakistan mourns school massacre dead

Relatives of 162 victims prepare for funerals as PM Sharif lifts ban on death penalty for terrorism charges.


Pakistan PM backs Afghan talks with Taliban

Sharif meets Afghan president in Islamabad, expressing support for Kabul's effort to bring Taliban to negotiating table.


Afghan leader makes historic Pakistan visit

President Ashraf Ghani is to meet Pakistan prime minister in Islamabad in bid to improve ties between the two nations.


Pakistan cleric Qadri ends Islamabad protest

Tahirul Qadri, who has been calling for resignation of PM, says he will now tour cities in a "revolution of the poor".


Pakistan arrests dozens of Indian fishermen

Twenty-five men detained for violating territorial waters, a frequent charge as nations' sea border not clearly defined.


Modi lays out terms for India-Pakistan talks

Indian PM tells the UN that bilateral talks between rivals must be held "without a shadow of terrorism".


Pakistan appoints new spy chief

Rizwan Akhtar, considered close ally of army chief, named head of powerful Inter-Services Intelligence.

Human Rights

Pakistani Court sends 100 activists to jail

Pakistani police arrest anti-government protesters following weeklong sit-ins and tense confrontations.


Modi's 100 days: Biding his time, circling the wagons

Taken together, the Indian prime minister's first 100 days in office have seen both fair portents an

by Siddharth Varadarajan

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Who is behind Pakistan's political unrest?

Anti-government protests turn violent in Islamabad.


Pakistan: Will instability topple democracy?

Even if PM Nawaz Sharif survives the current crisis, his government will be permanently weakened.

by Raza Rumi