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Afghan Taliban faction appoints new 'supreme leader'

Spokesman for breakaway group tells Al Jazeera it chose Mullah Akhund after discussions with elders and mujahideens.

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Afghanistan: Economic devastation rivals security woes

Taliban gains underscore President Ghani's tumultuous year in office, but the economy is also weighing the country down.

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The legacy of Pakistan's loved and loathed Hamid Gul

Pakistan's late jihadist spy master garnered mixed sentiments with his expansionist politics.

by Abbas Nasir

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Taliban leaders dispute appointment of Mullah Mansoor

Supreme Council member tells Al Jazeera decision to appoint Mullah Omar's successor was taken without involving seniors.

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Dead or alive, Mullah Omar will not matter

Knowing Omar was dead for two years, Pakistan must now answer some questions.

by Aimal Faizi


Afghanistan peace talks on hold amid Taliban turmoil

Afghan Taliban announces that Mullah Akhtar Mansoor will be group's new leader, confirming death of founder Mullah Omar.


The good and bad Taliban

After the deaths of Mullah Omar and Malik Ishaq, new questions arise about the Taliban talks.

by Abbas Nasir

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Everything you don't need to know about Mullah Omar

There's more in the timing than the substance of a new biography of the elusive, one-eyed Taliban leader.

by Helena Malikyar