Libya, extremism and the consequences of collapse

If the two rival governments are not reconciled, ISIL and al-Qaeda will strengthen their hold in Libya.

by Martin Reardon

Oil Price

Fires sparked by ISIL attacks spread at Libya oil ports

Five oil storage tanks remain on fire after ISIL shelled security forces guarding country's largest oil ports.

Al Jazeera World

Libya’s Forgotten King

The story of King Idris I, who unified Libya and became its first king in 1951 before being toppled by Gaddafi in 1969.

Middle East

Western countries endorse unity government for Libya

Nations, including US, back UN proposal and threaten to "isolate those who fail to respect the political agreement".


Libya rival governments reach "consensus"

UN special envoy says two sides able to "overcome differences", increasing likelihood of forming unity government.

War & Conflict

Libya in crisis: 'This is not just Misrata's fight'

A unity government deal would bring greater international support for Libya's fight against ISIL, observers say.

War & Conflict

Libya: 'No one can win this war'

As fighting rages across the country, Libya's warring sides have entered a final round of UN-brokered talks.

War & Conflict

UN envoy says Libya talks will continue despite clashes

Bernardino Leon tells Al Jazeera that a political agreement is the only way forward as rivals meet for talks in Rabat.


UN warns Libya crisis could destabilise entire region

Special envoy says international community growing impatient with unrest as rival parties meet in Rabat for peace talks.

War & Conflict

ISIL tightens grip on Libya's Derna

Seen as 'increasingly assertive and more powerful' than other armed groups, ISIL is drawing in more young fighters.

Inside Story

Are more arms the answer for Libya?

Libya's UN-recognised government asks for fighter jets, tanks and helicopters to combat ISIL.


Libya parliament drops law barring Gaddafi officials

Law banning Gaddafi-era officials from holding office suspended by Libya's internationally recognised parliament.

War & Conflict

African leaders urge West to act on Libya

Regional leaders say West has obligation to help after toppling Muammar Gaddafi and leaving country to fend for itself.