Middle East

Profile: Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi

The Muslim Brotherhood leader was the country's first democratically-elected president before the coup and imprisonment.

Inside Story

Can Egypt be forced to improve prison conditions?

Reports detail dire conditions and serious human rights abuses in the country's prisons.


Al Jazeera journalist slams Egypt death verdict

Ibrahim Helal, who is among three reporters sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt, says his case is political.


Egypt retires 32 judges for opposing Morsi ouster

Supreme Judicial Council forces 32 judges into retirement for having opposed army's ousting of Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

War & Conflict

ICC must look into Egypt's role in Gaza atrocities

Egypt cannot be allowed to act with complete impunity, under the thinly veiled guise of the fight against terrorism.

by Toby Cadman

Arab Spring

Arab Spring anniversary: Protesters defy crackdown

Despite heavy security presence and arrests, demonstrators take to the streets in Egypt to mark 2011 uprising.

Human Rights

The Egyptian revolution: What went wrong?

For change to happen, the lessons of the past five years should be kept in mind for the future rounds.

by Omar Ashour


My Arab Spring: Egypt's silent protest

Five years after the uprising, the solution to Egypt's political impasse may not be radical or revolutionary.

Arab Spring

Arab Spring anniversary: Opposition silenced in Egypt

President Sisi praises January 25 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, amid heightened security presence in Cairo.

War & Conflict

Another Arab Spring is coming to Egypt

The re-solidification of an authoritarian order and the impending uprising in Egypt.

by Mohamad Elmasry


Islam as partisan profit: An Egyptian epic

Scholars, whether religious authorities or not, would fulfil a great role if they would exhibit consistency.

by H A Hellyer

War & Conflict

Egypt carries out 'mass home demolitions' in Sinai

Egypt may have violated laws of war while clearing territory along the Gaza border, says Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights

Egypt adopts controversial anti-terrorism law

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi approves law that shields police and punishes media for spreading "false" reports.

Middle East

Morsi appeals death sentence in Egyptian court

Defence lawyers file appeal against death sentence and prison term for deposed Egyptian president.

Middle East

Egypt's Morsi 'abstaining from prison food'

Court orders medical examination be performed on deposed president who has raised suspicion about food safety.