The mistakes of Hamas and the need for recalibration

Nobody dares to claim that Hamas doesn't have the full right to pursue its political agenda.

by Ahmed al-Burai

United Kingdom

'Mabrook' to PA President Abbas' son Tareq

Youngest son of the Palestinian president is a baller, and it appears he wants you to know it.

by Clayton Swisher

Human Rights

Israel-Palestine: The delusion of a two-state solution

The one-state debate for both peoples is moot given that the two-state solution is no longer feasible.

by Sharif Nashashibi


What Palestinian-Israeli security cooperation?

Effective policing and cooperation cannot be provided under the occupation.

by Seth Binder


Palestinian anti-corruption chief claws back $70m

Anti-corruption chief tells Reuters news agency millions of dollars still missing abroad due to shady business deals.


A new Palestinian leader for all?

It is important that the successor listens to the suffering of Palestinians.

by Daoud Kuttab


The year of Palestinian leadership change has begun

The differences within Fatah are also looming larger and larger.

by Daoud Kuttab


Mahmoud Abbas, your time is running out

When a leadership, elected or not, seeks legitimacy from an occupying power, it automatically loses legitimacy.

by Lamis Andoni

War & Conflict

The twofold war against Palestinians

The Intifada hasn't soared yet due to Israeli tactics as well as the failure of official Palestinian leadership.

by Ramzy Baroud

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

John Kerry warns Israel on danger of PA collapse

Top US diplomat says Israel's security would be in jeopardy if the Palestinian Authority collapses.

War & Conflict

Palestinians yearn for a ray of hope

Young Palestinians look around them and see very little reason for hope.

by Daoud Kuttab

Middle East

Analysis: Netanyahu 'better not disturb the status quo'

The simmering violence in Jerusalem has been close to boiling point for the past year, analysts say.

War & Conflict

Farewell, Oslo?

The olive branch may no longer be within reach.

by Khaled Diab

Middle East

Who killed the Oslo Accords?

Failure of Palestinian leadership to read political realities and Israel's culture of impunity ended Oslo long ago.


Middle East

Palestinian flag raised at UN for first time

Flag hoisted in New York in a historic step, despite prior condemnation from Israel and the US.