Colombia's long road to peace

If implemented properly, the agreement's political provisions should help to foster national reconciliation.

by Jose Antonio Ocampo

Human Rights

Is peace possible in Colombia?

Latin America's longest-running civil war has left some quarter of a million people dead and millions more displaced.

by Belen Fernandez


More than 3,100 pregnant Colombian women have Zika

More than 25,000 people are infected in Colombia, President Santos says, among them 3,177 are pregnant.

War & Conflict

Colombian security forces killed in rebel attack

At least 12 security officials killed by Leftist ELN rebels as country conducted one of its most peaceful elections.

Human Rights

Afro-Colombians face surge in racial violence

Increasing violence against Afro-Colombians has raised concerns about deep-rooted racial divisions.

by Hisham Aidi

War & Conflict

Colombian army 'kills' Marxist rebel commander

Jose Amin Hernandez from country's second-largest guerrilla group, ELN, killed in province of Antioquia, army says.


Kidnapped daughter of top Colombian official released

Eleven year-old daughter of a high-profile security official freed days after being abducted, Colombian president says.

War & Conflict

Colombia and FARC rebels agree to form truth commission

Negotiators from both sides meeting in Cuban capital reach agreement despite recent escalation of violence.

Latin America

Dozens dead in massive Colombia landslide

Most residents sleeping as landslide tears through ravine in Salgar, in country's northwest.

Latin America

Trapped Colombia gold miners feared dead

Two bodies recovered from Riosucio gold mine where 15 miners are feared dead after water poured into underground shafts.

War & Conflict

Colombia to resume bombing of FARC targets

Ten soldiers killed by rebels in early morning ambush described by President Santos as a "rupture" of FARC's ceasefire.

War & Conflict

Colombian soldiers killed in apparent rebel attack

Peace talks with FARC rebels under threat as Colombians call on their president to call of negotiations due to attack.


Colombia and FARC rebels reach deal to clear landmines

Government and rebels agree to remove explosives from battlefield in effort to end 50-year-old conflict through talks.

War & Conflict

Colombia's FARC rebels call indefinite truce

Leftist rebels announce unilateral ceasefire as they pursue talks with Colombian government to end 50-year conflict.


Colombian general freed by FARC resigns

General Alzate, whose two-week capture sent peace talk into limbo, says he should have taken more security precautions.