South Africa's ruling party stands by President Zuma

ANC rejects calls for President Jacob Zuma to resign over controversial sacking of finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

South Africa

S Africa rating cut as Zuma faces reshuffle backlash

As Jacob Zuma faces backlash over the sacking of ex-finance minister Pravin Gordhan, agency cuts country's rating grade.


Even if Zuma goes, South Africa will remain divided

For a better future, South Africans need to unite across class, race and party political lines.

by Ayesha Kajee


S Africa's new finance minister wants 'radical' changes

Newly appointed finance minister Gagiba sets out goals as pressure on President Zuma increases after cabinet reshuffle.


Zuma under pressure after sacking finance minister

Major cabinet reshuffle comes as calls for South African president to quit grow amid political and financial turmoil.


South Africa's future in the ICC is still uncertain

S Africa's decision to revoke its notice of withdrawal from the ICC does not mean the matter is conclusively settled.

by Solomon Dersso

The Listening Post

State of the media in Zuma's South Africa

Since Zuma has been in office, the country's state-owned broadcaster, SABC, has grown more and more state-controlled.


Punches fly as South Africa's Zuma delivers key speech

Chaos erupts in parliament as security forces drag opposition MPs trying to interrupt president out of the chamber.


South Africa: Zuma calls for ANC unity, admits mistakes

President Jacob Zuma calls for end to ANC infighting as South Africa's ruling party marks 105 years since its formation.

Inside Story

Will South Africa's Jacob Zuma hang on to power?

There were calls from within the ruling ANC party for Zuma to resign amid public outrage over corruption accusations.

South Africa

South Africa's Zuma survives another no-confidence vote

At least four ministers from the ruling ANC party had bid to oust South Africa's scandal-plagued president.

South Africa

South Africa's Zuma facing another no-confidence vote

Reports say at least three cabinet ministers turn against South Africa's beleaguered president in a scheduled meeting.

South Africa

S Africa's Zuma survives another no-confidence vote

South Africa's ruling ANC votes against motion to remove Zuma as opposition increases calls for him to leave office.


ANC icons demand Jacob Zuma's resignation ahead of vote

Can Zuma hang on to power with looming vote of no confidence and a fractured ANC?

South Africa

'I do not fear prison', says South Africa's Zuma

President cites decade in jail during apartheid era after report suggests judicial probe into alleged corruption.