South Africa

South Africa's Zuma survives another no-confidence vote

At least four ministers from the ruling ANC party had bid to oust South Africa's scandal-plagued president.

South Africa

South Africa's Zuma facing another no-confidence vote

Reports say at least three cabinet ministers turn against South Africa's beleaguered president in a scheduled meeting.

South Africa

S Africa's Zuma survives another no-confidence vote

South Africa's ruling ANC votes against motion to remove Zuma as opposition increases calls for him to leave office.


ANC icons demand Jacob Zuma's resignation ahead of vote

Can Zuma hang on to power with looming vote of no confidence and a fractured ANC?

South Africa

'I do not fear prison', says South Africa's Zuma

President cites decade in jail during apartheid era after report suggests judicial probe into alleged corruption.

South Africa

Corruption report increases pressure on S Africa's Zuma

Report finds possible evidence of government corruption and recommends a commission of inquiry be set up.

South Africa

S Africa's Zuma drops bid to block corruption report

A watchdog's report into corruption allegations against President Zuma must be released on Wednesday, a court ruled.

South Africa

S Africa: Zuma pays $500,000 over house upgrade row

President repays $542,000 of public money spent on upgrades on his private residence, including a swimming pool.

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What led to ANC's losses?

South Africa's governing African National Congress has been dealt a severe blow in local elections.

Jacob Zuma

S Africa's Zuma urged to repay $500,000 of public funds

Treasury recommends that the president pay back $500,000 out of the $23m he used to renovate his private house.

Jacob Zuma

South African court blocks Jacob Zuma corruption appeal

The High Court has blocked an appeal by South African president against corruption charges dating back to the 1990s.


Brawl in parliament shocks South Africa

President Zuma calls for decorum in assembly after forcible removal of opposition MPs who tried to prevent his address.


South Africa, EFF and political vulgarity

Malema's temperament and confrontational political rhetoric has landed him in trouble.

by Thembisa Fakude


Decision to drop Zuma corruption charges to be reviewed

South Africa's High Court calls for review of 2009 decision to drop 783 corruption charges against the president.

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Julius Malema: Ready to remove Zuma government by force

The South African opposition leader says the EFF would fight if the ANC responded violently to peaceful protests.