Analysis: What is Turkey trying to achieve in Iraq?

Any attempt to change Mosul's demographic composition would be a direct threat to Turkey's security, analysts say.

War & Conflict

Iraqi forces seize strategic town near Mosul from ISIL

Victory over group in Qayyarah seen as key step towards reclaiming Mosul, ISIL's de facto capital in the country.


Iraq bans MPs accused of corruption from travelling

Iraq's PM Abadi orders "temporary travel ban" against those accused, in order to probe "the validity of allegations".


Iraq: Thousands defy ban to protest against corruption

Thousands demonstrate against corruption despite decree that said rally would be treated as "terrorist threat".

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Iraq: The battle for Fallujah shows the US needs Iran

Iran, the US and Iraqi militias are locked in a menage-a-trois that now defines the region's geopolitics.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

War & Conflict

US: Iraqi forces control one-third of Fallujah

Washington says rest of city is still being fought over four days after Baghdad claimed control of Sunni city from ISIL.


What success would look like in Fallujah

Shia militias must behave in a sensitive and empathetic way to the mostly Sunni civilians they liberate in Iraq.

by Afzal Ashraf


A new formula in the battle for Fallujah

The battle is Iraq's latest attempt to push the Popular Mobilisation Forces and Coalition into a single battlespace.

by Michael Knights

War & Conflict

ISIL claims Iraq's Ameriyat Fallujah attack

PM says political climate of dispute has given the fighters space to operate in areas under nominal government control.


Biden: Iraq disunity threatens efforts against ISIL

US vice president says political unrest could undermine progress being made to defeat armed group.


Iraq's parliament approves partial cabinet reshuffle

Embattled country has six new ministers following mass protests calling for political reform and end to corruption.


Sadr's challenge to Iraq's sectarian politics

The political deadlock in Baghdad strengthens Sadr's political re-emergence and undermines ethno-sectarianism in Iraq.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Iraqis protest as political deadlock deepens

Third attempt to approve new cabinet fails after dissenting MPs continue attempts to replace the speaker of parliament.


Iraq MPs vote out parliamentary speaker as row heats up

Another day of chaos in Iraqi assembly as parliamentarians fail to agree on cabinet line-up.

Middle East

Iraq's new government: Not exactly a breakthrough

Iraq's PM presented his new cabinet line-up to parliament, but political crisis is unlikely to go away.