Sarkozy announces bid for French presidency

Former leader may step down from helm of Republicans to focus on 2017 re-election bid at "turbulent moment in history".


France: Hollande, union strikes and Les Bleus

The current deadlock is the very cause of the subpar economic results in France over the past 30 years.

by Remi Piet


Dozens arrested as France labour protest turns violent

At least 40 people have been injured and 73 arrested in Paris as thousands rally against labour reforms.


On Netanyahu, peace and the West

Why Israel rejects the French and other international peace initiatives.

by Marwan Bishara


French government survives vote over labour reform

Protests across the country coincide with voting in parliament with 246 politicians in favour of no-confidence vote.


Francois Hollande set to sign new arms deal in Cairo

French president meets Egypt's leader to boost military ties between the two countries.

Counting the Cost

France's labour reforms: Pro-business or pro-worker?

We take a look at France's high unemployment rate and explore who will benefit from the proposed labour law reforms.


Far-right feasts on France's unchecked Islamophobia

Since the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the scope of state repression has drastically increased.

by Richard Seymour


French regional poll to test the strength of far-right

Second round of elections to show whether far-right National Front can win control of a region for the first time.


French far right sees record gains in regional polls

Marine Le Pen's National Front wins at least 30 percent of the vote nationwide, three weeks after deadly Paris attacks.


France's far-right party leading in regional vote

Estimates show Marine Le Pen's National Front coming first, followed by Sarkozy's Republicans and Hollande's Socialists.


Downed Russian jet is just a mirage over Syria

Turkey provides more smoke and mirrors for the press to occupy themselves with.

by Martin Jay


Activists worldwide rally ahead of climate summit

Protesters in multiple countries demand leaders craft pact to avert climate catastrophe ahead of Paris climate summit.


ISIL thrives on divisions among countries under attack

The anti-ISIL coalition can only succeed if member states set aside their differences.

by Pascal Boniface

Paris Attacks

Manhunt continues after Paris attacks architect killed

Search is on for French suspect Salah Abdeslam after key planner killed in operation.