Counting the Cost

Why are people paying banks to hold their money?

We look at negative interest rates and examine why depositors would pay banks to hold their money.


US is still spying on Netanyahu communications: Report

Despite pledge to curtail eavesdropping on allies, Wall Street Journal reports Israeli PM's communication intercepted.


EU Parliament votes for Snowden charges to be dropped

Non-binding resolution calls for protection of US surveillance whistle-blower from potential extradition.

Privacy & Surveillance

UK court to investigate rights group surveillance

Spying on rights defenders 'threatens lives' and could have 'devastating' impacts on NGO work, Human Rights Watch warns.


Web extra: Daniel Ellsberg on incapacitation in the US

The whistleblower speaks about the growing risks involved in reporting classified information.


Web extra: Edward Snowden, the US, Taliban and China

A look at the NSA surveillance of Chinese and Taliban communications.


Headliner: Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg

Are the two famous whistleblowers heroes?


Edward Snowden speaks to Mehdi Hasan

We also look at the narrative regarding refugees, and ask an Iraqi ambassador if it is time to consider a partition.

Edward Snowden

Meet Thomas Drake

The NSA Whistleblower Before Snowden

US & Canada

White House rejects petition to pardon Snowden

The White House rejects petition signed by 168,000 people on its own website to pardon former intelligence contractor.

War & Conflict

Israeli 'commandos assassinated' top Syrian general

A leaked NSA document says killing of Brigadier General Mohammed Sleiman in 2008 was an Israeli military operation.


France says US spying on presidents is 'unacceptable'

Office of President Hollande says "it will not tolerate" acts by a foreign government that threaten France's security.

The Listening Post

'We just publish the position of the UK government'

The Listening Post looks at the Sunday Times article attacking Edward Snowden and what it reveals about journalism.

The Listening Post

Behind the Sunday Times Snowden saga

Anonymous official sources go after Edward Snowden in the UK's media; plus, 30 years of covering Cuba from Miami.


Report: UK moved spies after Snowden leaks were cracked

UK removed a number of spies after Russia and China accessed top-secret raft of documents, newspaper says.