War & Conflict

Burkina Faso coup leader vows to abide by truce

General says he will abide by conditions but warns his men will defend themselves if attacked after army enters capital.

War & Conflict

Burkina Faso army 'prepares to raid coup leader's camp'

Loyalist troops mass in the capital Ouagadougou as 10am GMT deadline expires for coup leaders to lay down their weapons.

War & Conflict

Burkina Faso army issues ultimatum to coup leaders

Army in Ouagadougou gives the presidential guard a 10am GMT deadline to lay down weapons or face attack.

War & Conflict

Burkina Faso coup leaders free detained prime minister

Prime Minister Isaac Zida freed, as presidential guard coup leaders continue surrender talks with the army.


Burkina Faso names transitional president

Former foreign minister Michel Kafando chosen in a key step towards elections after military takeover followed protests.


Burkina Faso leader to be announced by Monday

Army says interim civilian president to be declared by Monday, as political leaders sign transition deal in the capital.


African leaders tackle Burkina Faso crisis

Presidents of Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal move to prevail on the military to hand power back to civilian leaders.

Inside Story

Burkina Faso: Uprising or military coup?

Colonel backed by army officials to lead transition period after long-serving president bowed to pressure to stand down.


Burkina Faso, African leaders and 'sit-tightism'

Welcome to the age of the citizen uprising in Africa.

by Tolu Ogunlesi


What next for Burkina Faso?

Al Jazeera asks what the near future will bring for West African country after President Blaise Campoare resigned.


Political protests turn rough in Burkina Faso

Police in Ouagadougou fire tear gas at thousands protesting 27-year president's attempt to hold power for another term.


Outrage over long-serving Burkina Faso leader

Opposition to Blaise Compaore grows as the president, in power for 27 years, looks set to seek another term.