US Democrats blame Russia for cyber attacks

Activists accuse Democratic leaders of using Moscow as a scapegoat and diversion from controversy caused by the leaks.

US Elections 2016

Can Hillary Clinton placate the divided left?

Some on the left remain deeply conflicted about submitting to the depressing repetition of "lesser evilism".

by Lauren Carasik

US Elections 2016

Sanders says Clinton 'must become' next US president

Former candidate for the Democratic nomination urges party unity in speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.


Between Hillary Clinton and a hard place

They are exhausted with Clinton's posture towards Muslims at home and abroad.

by Khaled A Beydoun


WikiLeaks DNC emails appear to show anti-Sanders bias

Cache of emails released by WikiLeaks appear to indicate Democratic Party leaders' opposition to Clinton's rival.


Clinton gets nod from rival Sanders in White House race

The 74-year-old US senator from Vermont vows to work hard to make the former Secretary of State become president.


Why Bernie Sanders still matters

He wants to lead in the Democratic Party from the outside.

by Lonnie Isabel

US & Canada

Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Clinton

The presidential candidate has not dropped out of the race, but says he would vote for Clinton if it comes down to it.

US Elections 2016

'I'm with her': Obama endorses Clinton for US president

US president says Clinton is most qualified candidate for the White House, shortly after meeting rival Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton claims Democratic nomination

Frontrunner wins California and three other states to become the first female presidential nominee of a major US party.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders vows to stay in Democrat nomination race

Progressive candidate pledges to continue his campaign into July despite Hillary Clinton claiming victory.


Last big US primaries for Clinton to secure nomination

Clinton has won three million more votes than her rival Bernie Sanders and is well ahead in the pledged delegate count.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders campaign calls out AP for declaring Clinton win

News agency attracts criticism from Sanders camp for naming Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democrat nominee.

US Elections 2016

Clinton 'wins Democratic nomination'

AP news agency names Clinton presumptive Democratic nominee based on count of superdelegates who say they support her.

US Elections 2016

US primaries: Who are Californians voting for?

As decisive primary vote nears, voters in California tell Al Jazeera which candidate they will support.