Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Donald Trump drops US commitment to two-state solution

In a major policy shift, US president says he would back a single-state solution, after meeting Israeli PM Netanyahu.


Trump stand on settlement encourages Israel's land grab

With Trump in office, Israel is encouraged to speed up its colonisation of the Palestinian territories.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

US-Israel: Netanyahu's 'grand design' for the West Bank

Netanyahu hopes for achievements relating to both the Palestinians and Iran, say analysts.

United States

US: Middle East peace may not be two-state solution

Netanyahu to meet Trump at White House, as US suggests it may abandon efforts of creating independent Palestinian state.


Netanyahu to Iranians: 'We are your friend, not enemy'

Israel prime minister distinguishes between 'cruel' Tehran government and the people in recorded message.

The Listening Post

Netanyahu's media manipulation revealed

The tale of the tape that puts the lie to the Israeli PM's media narrative. Plus, the Zimbabwean journalists' dilemma.


Israel and Palestinians squabble over Paris conference

At least 72 countries will attend a conference aiming to lay a framework for a two-state solution.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Police question Netanyahu as part of corruption probe

Investigators question Netanyahu over whether he was offered gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars from businessmen.

The Listening Post

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel's media manipulator

We look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's love-hate relationship with the media.


Arab Knesset members vow to 'sue Netanyahu'

Joint List promises to sue PM over "incitement" against Palestinians during fires, but lawyers say plan is not feasible.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli PM demands MP restraint after Trump win

Benjamin Netanyahu tells Israeli ministers and MP's to stop making statements about Donald Trump's US election victory.

US Elections 2016

Trump and Israel

With Trump in the White House, Israel will continue expanding settlements in the West Bank.

by Neve Gordon

War & Conflict

Israel's boycott hypocrisy

How Israel criminalises BDS while boycotting Palestinian Knesset members.

by Neve Gordon


Israel suspends UNESCO ties over al-Aqsa resolution

Palestinians welcome UNESCO resolution that criticises Israeli policies around al-Aqsa compound in occupied Jerusalem.


Watchdog group digs through Netanyahu's dirty laundry

Freedom of information request on personal expenses includes how much Israeli PM pays for laundry services.