How will Obama's legacy be remembered?

President Barack Obama will be 'missed', former Assistant Secretary of Defense Derek Chollet tells UpFront.


What's the 'real' Obama really like?

Reggie Love, who Obama once described as his 'little brother', tells UpFront what he was like when the cameras were off.


UpFront special: What is Obama's legacy?

In an UpFront special, we ask his former policy adviser and his personal aide about the man and his policies.

US & Canada

US Republicans take first step to scrap Obamacare

The resolution instructs committees of the House and Senate to draft repeal legislation by a target date of January 27.

United States

Obama in farewell speech: 'We rise or fall as one'

Outgoing president calls on supporters to defend his legacy and reminds Americans they are on the same team.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama: So long, and thanks for all the speeches

As Barack Obama prepares to leave White House, Americans and the world reflect on his best and worst moments in office.

US & Canada

Barack Obama vows to save Obamacare

Outgoing US president urges Democrats to protect his signature health insurance law at Capitol Hill.

Guantanamo Bay

White House expects more Guantanamo transfers

The White House ignores President-elect Donald Trump's demand for a freeze on transfers from the Guantanamo Bay prison.

United States

Russia 'expelling' US diplomats over hacking spat

In apparent tit-for-tat move, FM Lavrov calls on Putin to evict US staff day after Washington imposed sanctions.

Barack Obama

US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attacks

Obama defends expulsions, calling action "a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm US interests".

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

The UN settlement resolution is too little and too late

Palestinians know that they have been offered only stale crumbs from the UN Security Council's table.

by Geoffrey Aronson

Talk to Al Jazeera

Obama adviser: China is more of a threat than Russia

Ben Rhodes reflects on Obama's foreign policy legacy, the uses and limits of military power, and China's global role.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the Palestine saga

Is there anything Obama can do to salvage his reputation in the remaining weeks of his lame-duck presidency?

by Avi Shlaim

Drone strikes

The troubling legacy of Obama's drone campaign

Donald Trump will assume command of a drone campaign that lacks any meaningful constraints.

by Jonathan Hafetz

Guantanamo Bay

Obama v Trump on Guantanamo and torture

Obama didn't want to spend political capital to close Guantanamo, leaving it fully functional for Trump to use.

by Andy Worthington