Democrats prepare to elect new leader

Democratic National Committee to hold as many rounds of voting as it takes in Atlanta for new chairman to emerge.

Human Rights

Anti-Muslim groups 'tripled in US since Trump campaign'

Southern Poverty Law Center cites major rise in hate acts against Muslims since launch of presidential campaign in 2015.


Obama and Black Lives Matter: An epilogue

Why Obama did not do enough for Black Lives Matter.

by Danielle Fuentes Morgan


Senior management team of US State Department resigns

Four leading department officials and country's border police chief quit posts under Donald Trump's administration.


From war to more war

Experience tells us it matters little whether a liberal democrat or an autocratic republican sits in the White House.

by Stanley L Cohen

The Listening Post

Obama and the media: Freedom v unprecedented intrusion

Did the Obama administration deliver on its promise of openness in government and what legacy is left for journalists?


The Reckoning: From Obama to Trump

Marwan Bishara examines President Obama's legacy following Donald Trump’s victory and what this means for America.

Donald Trump

What has each US president left for their successor?

From military intervention and deportation to federal debt and foreign aid, how have recent presidents performed?

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Obama: 'Moment may be passing' for two-state solution

Barack Obama's last news conference as US leader focuses on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Russia and Chelsea Manning.

Middle East

Oman accepts 10 Guantanamo Bay prisoners at US request

Transfer is part of a push by outgoing President Obama to shrink the prison's inmate population before leaving office.


Barack Obama: The deporter-in-chief

Mehdi Hasan reveals how Obama's immigration policies have led to millions of deportations.


How will Obama's legacy be remembered?

President Barack Obama will be 'missed', former Assistant Secretary of Defense Derek Chollet tells UpFront.


What's the 'real' Obama really like?

Reggie Love, who Obama once described as his 'little brother', tells UpFront what he was like when the cameras were off.


UpFront special: What is Obama's legacy?

In an UpFront special, we ask his former policy adviser and his personal aide about the man and his policies.

US & Canada

US Republicans take first step to scrap Obamacare

The resolution instructs committees of the House and Senate to draft repeal legislation by a target date of January 27.