Merkel's party suffers loss in Berlin election

Backlash against immigrant policy raises questions over whether chancellor will stand for a fourth term next year.


Protesters rally across Germany against mega trade deal

Tens of thousands hit the streets against the TTIP over alleged threats to human and ecological rights.


The end of German populist exceptionalism

The right-wing AfD is to stay, and will constrain Merkel's leadership - but less so than in neighbouring EU countries.

by Thorsten Benner

Inside Story

Will Angela Merkel's party bounce back?

A right-wing, anti-immigration party defeats Merkel's CDU in her home state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Far-right AfD beats Merkel's party in German state vote

With almost all of the votes counted, results show Merkel's Christian Democrats overtaken by AfD in regional poll.


Germany: State poll a test for Merkel's refugee policy

Party of German Chancellor braced for a backlash over its refugee and migrant policy in regional vote.


German minister proposes partial burqa ban

Interior minister says ban on face veils would apply to "places where it is necessary for society's coexistence".


Germany angers Turkey with 'Armenia genocide' vote

German MPs approve motion describing 1915 killings of Armenians as a "genocide", prompting Ankara to recall ambassador.

Business & Economy

Obama and Merkel push for mammoth EU-US trade deal

After talks with Chancellor Merkel, US president says he wants transatlantic trade deal finalised before his term ends.

Syrian Refugees

EU leaders praise Turkey for its treatment of refugees

German chancellor and EU officials travel to Turkish-Syrian border in effort to bolster controversial refugee-swap deal.

Human Rights

Refugee crisis and Turkey-EU relations

The sudden interest of both parties in each other is entirely due to the refugee crisis.

by Cengiz Aktar

Human Rights

Germany slams populist party's call to shoot refugees

Government says call by anti-refugee party that German police should shoot “if necessary” at refugees is unlawful.


40 percent of Germans want Merkel to quit over refugees

New poll shows dissatisfaction with Chancellor's welcoming stance towards asylum seekers from Middle East and Africa.


Merkel says Germany will reduce refugee arrivals

Chancellor says it's in everyone's best interests to slow down refugee intake expected to reach one million this year.

Human Rights

Germany to expedite deportations of refugees

New reception centres will help speed up process to accept or repatriate refugees in bid to mitigate row over influx.