Palestine: Still key to stability in the Middle East

It seems ISIL has recognised the value of using Palestine to appeal to the hearts and minds of the region.

by Ibrahim Fraihat

War & Conflict

Gulf States: A burning priority for ISIL?

Recent history shows that ISIL operatives and followers will stop at nothing in striking countries they target.

by Olivier Guitta


Philippine troops kill 'eight from group loyal to ISIL'

Army says fighters killed near Palimbang town were members of a new group that has pledged allegiance to leader of ISIL.

War & Conflict

Paris and the new normal

The difficulty in monitoring grassroots terrorist activities render many countries fragile to such attacks.

by Martin Reardon

Middle East

Lebanon detains wife and son of Al-Baghdadi

Family members of ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detained by army at Syria-Lebanon border crossing, officials say.


ISIL leader calls for attacks in audio clip

Group claims man speaking in recording is its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, following reports he was wounded or killed.


Baghdadi dead or alive: Does it matter?

ISIL will be able to turn any defeat into a victory.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


Conflicting reports on Baghdadi's injury

Iraqi state TV says ISIL leader was injured in a strike near Mosul, while US military cannot confirm.

War & Conflict

Obama's war and the Mosul variable

Long term viability of Obama's strategy depends on the people of Mosul and their relationship with t

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Inside Story

Al-Qaeda vs Islamic State?

Ayman al-Zawahiri announces new wing of al-Qaeda in South Asia and pledges loyalty to the Taliban.

War & Conflict

Baghdadi’s social media war: Hype or threat?

The Islamic State group uses social media to cultivate a ruthless reputation, but their online strategy risks blowback.


Muslim leaders reject Baghdadi's caliphate

Prominent Muslim leaders rebuke the Islamic State group's self-proclaimed caliphate, calling it 'void' and 'deviant'.


Iraq analysing authenticity of Baghdadi video

Security services are verifying whether man seen sermonising in video was indeed the head of Islamic State group.