Middle East

Egypt's Sisi names bomber behind Cairo church attack

President admits "much pain" but does not link attack on Coptic Christian chapel near St Mark's Cathedral to any group.


New armed group claims deadly Cairo blast

Hasm movement said it carried out a bomb attack near a security checkpoint in Cairo, killing six police officers.


Egypt's Sisi expresses support for Syria's military

Egyptian leader says his priority is to support "national armies", noting a solution must be "political" in Syria.

Middle East

Egypt-Israel relations 'at highest level' in history

On the 39th anniversary of Sadat's speech in Jerusalem, the two countries have never been closer, analysts say.


Egyptian police arrest scores of anti-Sisi protesters

At least 130 people are arrested as rallies erupt across the country against poor economic conditions and rising costs.

Business & Economy

Egypt's economic policy: See no evil, hear no evil

The pound's devaluation makes sense in the long term but there will be consequences for the poor and middle class.

by Adel Abdel Ghafar


New group claims killing of Egyptian police officer

"Field execution" of security officer in Beheira province is latest in a series of attacks claimed by Hasam Movement.

Middle East

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader killed in Egypt

Government says two men killed in shoot-out but Brotherhood says they were killed in detention.

Middle East

Report: 'Cruel and inhuman' treatment in Egypt's prison

Prison authorities refused to provide inmates with medical care, possibly causing their deaths, HRW report finds.


Sisi defends Egyptian army's economic intrusion

Egyptian leader claims criticism against the military is a "ferocious campaign against the state and the armed forces".

Human Rights

Egypt: 170 bodies found so far in refugee boat disaster

Sinking ranks as one of the deadliest incidents for migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


Sisi faces the uncertain promise of Suez

The history of the canal offers a cautionary legacy to those hoping to win Egypt a good place in international economy.

by Geoffrey Aronson

Human Rights

'Hundreds abducted, abused' in Egypt dissent crackdown

Egypt dismisses Amnesty report as biased after being accused of using abduction and torture to crack down on dissent.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Egypt's Fattah el-Sisi celebrates toppling of Morsi

Sisi declares anniversary of the overthrowing of Egypt's first democratically-elected president a national holiday.

EgyptAir crash

EgyptAir crash: Black box confirms smoke on board

Data from one of the black boxes recovered from EgyptAir plane showed smoke alarms sounded on board, investigators say.