Russia overplays its hand in Syria

Obama has failed in Syria, but so will Putin.

by Marwan Bishara


John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction V

They emerged as the best-suited diplomats to manage a deformed balance of power between the US and Russia in Syria.

by Marwan Bishara

Syria's Civil War

US and Russia clinch Syria ceasefire deal

US, Russia hail breakthrough to put peace process back on track, including nationwide ceasefire effective from Monday.

War & Conflict

Kerry and Lavrov holding talks on Syria ceasefire deal

Washington says snap meeting will cover how to put an end to fighting and further humanitarian aid for Syrian people.


John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction IV

With each encounter their relationship grew stronger, thriving in a bubble detached from the world of crises.

by Marwan Bishara


John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction III

If it's true what they say about "opposites attract", the rapport between them has certainly evolved into attraction.

by Marwan Bishara


John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov: Fatal attraction II

It was certainly not love at first sight - but it was the first of many more encounters to come.

by Marwan Bishara

Middle East

Kerry tells Russia US patience on Syria 'very limited'

Top US diplomat warns Syria and its ally Russia to respect "frayed" ceasefire as death toll mounts amid fresh fighting.


Syria: Russia-US have no say in Assad's fate

Top Syrian government negotiator says US-Russian meeting in Moscow will not affect his country's stance on peace talks.

War & Conflict

Syrian army launches Aleppo offensive amid Geneva talks

Backed by Russian air strikes, government forces capture strategic towns north of Aleppo as talks resume in Switzerland.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

John Kerry warns Israel on danger of PA collapse

Top US diplomat says Israel's security would be in jeopardy if the Palestinian Authority collapses.

Human Rights

Remembering Operation Condor

With the US' encouragement, the alliance in South America would go on to torture and murder many civilians.

by Belen Fernandez


US offers support - but Tunisians need more than money

While US prioritises military ties, many in Tunisia say help creating jobs and ending corruption would be more useful.

Middle East

Iraq liaising with Russia, Iran and Syria against ISIL

Iraq says its military officials are engaged in intelligence and security cooperation with all three nations in Baghdad.

US & Canada

US warns Russia over support for Syrian regime

US Secretary of State John Kerry tells Russian counterpart that aid to Bashar al-Assad "risks exacerbating" conflict.