Two billion children breathing toxic air, says UNICEF

In new report, UN agency says 600,000 children under the age five die each year of diseases linked to air pollution.

Zika virus

WHO broadens Zika safe sex guidelines for travellers

Health agency updates guidance on Zika, saying both men and women should now use protection or abstain for six months.

World Health Organisation

WHO to hold emergency meet over yellow fever outbreak

Health experts to meet on August 31 to discuss counter-measures following a yellow fever outbreak in the DRC and Angola.

Middle East

No vaccinations for children in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

With no access to vaccinations for their children, Syrians in the besieged Eastern Ghouta fear the worst.

Humanitarian crises

WHO holds emergency talks to decide on Zika response

UN health agency set to determine whether virus outbreak should be declared a global health emergency.


Zika virus vaccine 'could take three to five years'

Researchers call for new incentives for drug companies after outbreak of mosquito-borne virus spreads to 21 countries.


Zika virus 'to spread to much of Americas'

World Health Organisation foresees outbreak of mosquito-borne virus throughout the Americas, prompting travel warnings.


Dengue fever spreads in Yemeni city ravaged by cyclone

Mukalla's fight against the disease is hampered by a sewage crisis and the fact that al-Qaeda controls the city.


Q&A: Can the AIDS epidemic be eradicated by 2030?

Al Jazeera talks to Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti on the World Health Organization's claim AIDS epidemic can be ended.

Inside Story

Does meat cause cancer?

The World Health Organisation says processed meat could cause cancer and red meat is risky too.


WHO links processed meat consumption to cancer

Twenty-year-long study finds hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats raise risk of colon, stomach and other cancers.


Schools reopen in South Korea amid more MERS cases

Five new cases and one death from MERS reported as thousands of schools reopen in South Korea seeking normality.


WHO sees no need for MERS travel curbs

Sweeping restrictions including airport screenings not among steps recommended as virus claims 11th victim in S Korea.

Asia Pacific

New deaths as S Korea sets up MERS clinics countrywide

Patients with symptoms advised not to attend hospitals, as president postpones US visit amid concerns over response.


Alerts against South Korea travel as MERS spreads

Hong Kong and Macau issue warnings as WHO begins mission to investigate disease's biggest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia.