Twitter suspends popular parody Putin account

Account @DarthPutinKGB, which mocked Russian president, had attracted over 50,000 followers before it was shut down.


Egyptians 'wish' they were on hijacked EgyptAir flight

Social media users in Egypt express passenger envy after commandeered domestic flight lands in Cyprus.

Inside Story

Is Twitter still relevant?

Twitter is marking 10 years since its creation, chirping its way on to the social networking scene.

Science & Technology

Has Twitter lost its way after a decade of tweets?

Twitter launched 10 years ago but the social media platform is struggling to attract new users and turn a profit.

US & Canada

Facebook and Twitter throw weight behind Apple

Google, Twitter and Facebook back iPhone maker in spat with US government over encryption in its devices.

Science & Technology

Twitter freezes 125,000 accounts for 'terror content'

Move comes after governments urge social networks to eliminate activity aimed at recruiting and planning violent acts.

Social media

Twitter sues Turkey over 'terror propaganda' fine

Social media giant argues $50,000 fine slapped on it for not removing content goes against Turkish law.


Twitter warns of state-sponsored attacks for first time

Some users receive notice that hackers may have tried to obtain sensitive data from their accounts.

Rebel Geeks

Steal from the Capitalists

As the Twitter co-creator returns to activism, his fellow hackers question the techniques he brings from Silicon Valley.

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Fakes, frauds and falsities that go viral

A look at the difficulties journalists face trying to separate fact from fiction when news is breaking.

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Alternative media: Twitter

We picked our top five tools currently on the market to help journalists navigate the Twittersphere more effectively.

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Twitter: Beyond the hashtags

We look at the micro-blogging site and how it has changed the way breaking news is reported.

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The Pentagon's rules of media engagement

Journalist or belligerent? What the Pentagon's Law of War manual means for conflict reporting; plus, tweeting the news.


Turkey's military offensive sets off hashtag war

Turks and Kurds post opposing views under Twitter hashtag created to protest against ongoing military operations.

Human Rights

Turkey reverses decision to block Twitter

Authorities lift the temporary ban on the social media website after it complied with the country's requests.