Taliban offer 'security' for copper, gas projects

Armed group behind much of the violence over the past 15 years, frightening off investors despite its vast resources.

Fault Lines

Afghan Translators: Out of Hiding

An insight into the lives of Afghan translators who risked everything to work with the US military and were left behind.


Taliban bomber kills 4 Americans at key NATO base

Brazen attack by disguised suicide bomber at Bagram airbase north of Kabul also wounds 17 other people.


Explosion kills four at US airbase in Afghanistan

Attack claimed by Taliban at facility near Kabul that houses the largest contingent of US soldiers in the country.


Taliban attacks German consulate in Afghanistan

At least four people killed and 120 wounded as suicide car bomber rams his vehicle into the consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif.


US admits air strikes 'likely' killed Kunduz civilians

Two days after the killing of 32 in Kunduz, US army concedes its raids "likely" resulted in the loss of innocent lives.


Families seek justice for civilians killed by NATO raid

Afghan officials say a NATO air strike killed at least 30 civilians, including women, children and babies, in Kunduz.

War & Conflict

Dozens of civilians killed in Afghanistan's Ghor

Officials blame ISIL for kidnapping and killing of at least 30 people in Firozkoh district of isolated province.

Quetta attack

Why is Pakistan's Balochistan an easy target?

With seven major attacks in the past month alone, the vast remote western province faces a renewed security challenge.


Afghanistan opium production jumps 43 percent

Figures from government and UNODC show 10 percent increase in poppy cultivation and 91 percent decrease in eradication.


Taliban uses drones to film attacks in Afghanistan

Government official plays down significance of release of drone video which purportedly shows Taliban attack in Helmand.

War & Conflict

Afghans must support peace deal with Hekmatyar

Ashraf Ghani's deal with a hardline party is a positive step, but Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has a lot to deliver.

by Aimal Faizi


Kunduz residents recall ordeal after Taliban attack

Mass exodus of civilians from northern Afghan province puts strain on neighbouring hospitals with many wounded.


Taliban captures Afghanistan's Ghormach district

Armed group continues brazen offensives while taking Ghormach in the northwest as security situation deteriorates.


Suicide car bomb attack kills 14 in Afghanistan

Deadly attack comes as Taliban says it has launched offensive to capture capital of southern Helmand province.