Six aid workers killed in attack in Afghanistan

Jowzjan governor blames ISIL for deadly assault on convoy carrying supplies to snowstorm-hit areas in country's north.


Afghan civilian casualties at record high in 2016: UN

A total of 3,498 civilians killed and 7,920 wounded in 2016, in part due to increase in ISIL attacks and air raids.


US air raids hit Afghan Taliban after tunnel attack

Taliban attack on an army post led to intense fighting with Afghan forces in Helmand, causing deaths on both sides.


This is Taliban Country

In 2014 we reported from a Taliban stronghold, where armed fighters were patrolling the streets. What has changed since?

101 East

Afghanistan: Taliban At The Gates

We join Afghan forces on the frontlines in Helmand, as they try to keep the Taliban from seizing a crucial capital.


Taliban in letter to Trump: US should leave Afghanistan

Nothing achieved in 15 years of war except bloodshed and destruction, say the Taliban in an open letter to US president.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: Who controls what

More than a decade after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the armed group is still active across Afghanistan.


Dozens killed in double bombing near Afghan parliament

Two explosions go off near Afghanistan's parliament in Kabul, killing at least 30 in an attack claimed by the Taliban.


US to deploy 300 marines to Afghanistan's Helmand

American troops return to the restive province largely controlled by the Taliban after NATO withdrawal in 2014.


Canada urges Taliban to free couple held for four years

In an online video, Canadian man and his US wife plead to their governments to secure their release in Afghanistan.


US military chief offers assurances to Afghan leaders

More than 2,200 US troops have been killed and hundreds of billions of dollars spent since the US-led invasion in 2001.


Afghan Taliban hang university student in public

Kabul Polytechnic university student was accused by the group of killing a senior Taliban official.


Taliban offer 'security' for copper, gas projects

Armed group behind much of the violence over the past 15 years, frightening off investors despite its vast resources.

Fault Lines

Afghan Translators: Out of Hiding

An insight into the lives of Afghan translators who risked everything to work with the US military and were left behind.


Taliban bomber kills 4 Americans at key NATO base

Brazen attack by disguised suicide bomber at Bagram airbase north of Kabul also wounds 17 other people.