Apple deflects blame after iPhones catch fire in China

Tech giant says tests show that "external physical damage" caused number of handsets to undergo spontaneous combustion.

Counting the Cost

South Korea's chaebol: Economy at a crossroads

We look at the effect of South Korea's political scandal and the challenges facing the country's economy.

Business & Economy

Samsung halts production of troubled Galaxy Note 7

South Korean firm urges users to turn phone off immediately as analysts say recall could cost company $17 billion.

Science & Technology

Samsung urges customers to halt use of Galaxy Note 7

Smartphone maker calls on consumers to stop using faulty Galaxy Note 7s and exchange them as reports of fires continue.

Science & Technology

China: Latest battleground for smartphone makers

Local smartphones are giving global companies such as Apple and Samsung a run for their money in giant Chinese market.

Science & Technology

Samsung bets big on new Galaxy S6

Company aims to impress Mobile World Congress with latest flagship phone after previous model dragged profits down.


A Father's Protest

One man turns his grief for his daughter's death into a protest against a corporation, linking the tragedy to her work.