War & Conflict

China warns US after warship sails by man-made islands

China summons US ambassador and says US patrol is a "coercive action that seeks to militarise South China Sea region".


US army to keep elite military school open to women

Ranger School to be kept open to women after two females completed the unit's gruelling training course for first time.

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Journalist or 'unprivileged belligerent'?

We look at the Pentagon's Law of War manual that declares "belligerent" journalists as legitimate targets.

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The Law of War manual: The Pentagon responds

We asked the Pentagon to explain their new Law of War manual and what it means for journalists covering wars.

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The Pentagon's rules of media engagement

Journalist or belligerent? What the Pentagon's Law of War manual means for conflict reporting; plus, tweeting the news.


Pentagon says it shipped live anthrax spores by mistake

Live spores, instead of dead samples, sent to labs in nine states for research but government says no risk to public.


Senate confirms Obama's pick for Pentagon chief

The Republican-controlled Senate confirmed the nomination with an overwhelming 93-5 majority.


'No operational impact' in US Centcom hacking

Military Central Command says "initial assessment" showed no classified data was posted by suspected pro-ISIL hackers.


Obama picks new Pentagon chief

Senator says US president has chosen ex-defence department deputy Ashton Carter as candidate for defence secretary.