Putin and Obama discuss Syria's war over the phone

Russian media report the two presidents agreed on the need for a ceasefire and for aid to besieged civilians.


Swiss Muslim probed over interview with Syrian rebel

Head of Islamic organisation's multimedia department faces criminal investigation over documentaries on Syria conflict.

Nusra Front

Al-Nusra Front leader condemns Saudi's Syria talks

Abu Mohammed al-Joulani says groups involved in discussions in Riyadh have committed "treason".

Middle East

Al-Nusra Front's Jolani speaks to media

Speculation mounts on future of Syrian group's ties with al-Qaeda before interview to be released on Friday.

War & Conflict

Lebanese army and al-Nusra Front conduct prisoner swap

Qatari-brokered deal secures release of 16 Lebanese security officers seized by Syrian group in exchange for 13 people.

Middle East

Explosion 'targets Muslim committee' in Lebanon's Arsal

Blast reportedly targeting Muslim scholars committee that has been mediating between army and al-Nusra Front kills five.

War & Conflict

US-trained Syria fighters gave equipment to Nusra Front

Pentagon says group handed ammunition and equipment to al-Qaeda affiliate, purportedly in exchange for safe passage.

War & Conflict

The rebranding of the Nusra Front

What are we to believe about Syrian opposition groups?

by Mehdi Hasan


Nusra Front's quest for a united Syria

As al-Qaeda's relevance and influence wanes, Nusra Front is positioning itself as the natural heir of jihadi ideology.

by Ahmad Zaidan

Middle East

Nusra Front leader: We will not target Syria's Alawites

Abu Mohammad al-Golani says al-Qaeda's Syrian branch only fighting "those who attacked us and murdered our people".

Inside Story

Fall of Idlib: Turning point for rebels in Syria?

Coalition of rebel groups, including al-Qaeda linked Nusra, take key city in biggest blow to Assad forces in two years.

War & Conflict

Syria rebels capture crew of downed military helicopter

Four government airmen taken hostage after aircraft crashes in northwestern Idlib province, activist group says.

Nusra Front

Senior Nusra Front commander killed in Syria air strike

Syrian al-Qaeda branch confirms Abu Hammam al-Shami died during regime attack on meeting of group's commanders in Idlib.