Middle East

Report: 'Cruel and inhuman' treatment in Egypt's prison

Prison authorities refused to provide inmates with medical care, possibly causing their deaths, HRW report finds.

Middle East

Can Jordan's new parliament spearhead political change?

Despite the Islamists' comeback to parliament,'no radical changes' are expected.

Middle East

Jordan's Islamists hopeful about making electoral gains

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood stands a chance to win between 20-30 seats in new parliament, says its spokeswoman.


The evolution of Islamists

Ideology does not tell us the full story of the evolution of Islamist movements.

Middle East

Profile: Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi

The Muslim Brotherhood leader was the country's first democratically-elected president before the coup and imprisonment.

Middle East

Egypt court sentences dozens to life in prison

Muslim Brotherhood's leader and 35 others sentenced to life in jail for 'inciting violence' in 2013 clashes.


Jordan closes Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Amman

Security services searched and evacuated the building before sealing off the entrance with red wax.


Egypt dismisses minister after 'prophet' comments

Ahmed al-Zend 'relieved of position' after his controversial remarks about imprisoning the prophet go viral.


Hamas rejects Egypt allegations over 2015 killing

Palestinian group had been accused of helping the Muslim Brotherhood of plotting fatal bomb attack on chief prosecutor.


Egypt claims Hamas-Brotherhood hand in killing

Palestinian group denies it aided Muslim Brotherhood leaders in plotting 2015 car bombing which killed chief prosecutor.


Egypt court overturns mass death sentences

Appeals court orders retrial for 149 charged with lynching officers in attack on Kerdassa police station in August 2013.


Egypt's top auditor faces backlash over graft comments

Hesham Genena alleged $75bn in corruption while commenting on official report undertaken with the United Nations.


Islam as partisan profit: An Egyptian epic

Scholars, whether religious authorities or not, would fulfil a great role if they would exhibit consistency.

by H A Hellyer


Addressing fault-lines within the Saudi-led coalition

Before embarking on peace negotiations, the coalition should agree on how to deal with al-Islah party.

by Sultan Barakat

Muslim Brotherhood

UK releases report on Muslim Brotherhood

Prime Minister Cameron says links to the political group should be considered "a possible indicator of extremism".