Soldiers killed in Mali attack as violence surges

Eleven killed and five wounded in attack on base near border with Burkina Faso, defence ministry says.

Inside Story

What does China's increased military spending mean?

The world's largest army is getting a spending rise but the 7 percent increase is the smallest in years.


Sweden to bring back military conscription

Minority government introduces bill to restore 11-month conscription this summer for all Swedes born after 1999.

North Korea

N Korea warns of 'merciless' response amid war games

Pyongyang says any territorial violations during annual US-South Korea military exercises will be met with force.


Breaking down the US defence budget

A look at how US military spending compares to the rest of the world and how it has changed in the last 50 years.


Trump 'seeks $54bn increase' in military budget

Proposal, which could entail big cuts in foreign aid and spending on domestic agencies, to fulfil key campaign promise.

Middle East

Turkey allows female army officers to wear headscarf

In break from strict secular past, defence ministry allows female officers to cover their heads with plain headscarves.


The 10 countries that export the most major weapons

The global trade in heavy arms has skyrocketed to its highest level since the Cold War.


Middle East demand drives surge in global arms sales

Major Middle East arms imports jumped by 86 percent between 2012 and 2016, double from the previous five-year period.

United States

US to NATO: Pay more or we will reduce support

Defence Secretary tells NATO that US will moderate its commitment, if fellow members do not increase military spending.

Middle East

Defiant Iran holds military drills after US sanctions

Terhan says the aim of the manoeuvres is to show 'complete preparedness' to deal with US threats and sanctions.


Gambia: Jammeh offered final chance for peaceful exit

Chief of defence forces pledges allegiance to the new president Adama Barrow as deadlines for Jammeh to cede pass.


Thailand sets up reconciliation panel ahead of polls

Main political parties say they are open to reconciliation but question neutrality under military administration.


Ivory Coast government and mutinying troops strike deal

Rebelling soldiers promised $8,000 bonuses after they seized control of cities, forcing government into negotiations.


Ivory Coast leader dismisses security heads as PM quits

President fires heads of army and police after two-day army mutiny stokes security fears in West African country.