Ivory Coast minister freed after troops mutiny deal

Disgruntled troops surrounded house in Bouake where defence chief was staying, firing automatic weapons and RPGs.


Ivory Coast: Minister trapped after soldiers open fire

Disgruntled troops surround house in Bouake where defence chief is staying despite reported agreement to end revolt.


Indonesia suspends military cooperation with Australia

Media reports say training material deemed offensive found at an Australian army centre triggered the move.


Venezuela military controls food as nation goes hungry

With much of the country on the verge of starvation, food trafficking has become one of the biggest businesses.


US accelerates troop deployment to Poland and Baltics

NATO and the US insist military presence is not aimed against anyone, but Russia has threatened measures in response.


Pakistan's new army chief takes command

Qamar Javed Bajwa takes control of army as tensions escalate with arch-rival India and Afghanistan.


Nearly 1,000 sex assaults reported in Canada's military

About 960 soldiers reported being raped, grabbed, kissed, fondled, or subjected to unwanted advances over the past year.


Two Americans killed in attack at Kabul army base

International troops shoot dead attacker in Afghan army uniform who also wounded several American soldiers.

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Why is China downsizing its military force?

Veterans from People's Liberation Army demonstrate as government plans to cut hundreds of thousands of military jobs.


Sisi defends Egyptian army's economic intrusion

Egyptian leader claims criticism against the military is a "ferocious campaign against the state and the armed forces".


China air force holds drills near Japanese islands

Patrols launched to monitor "foreign military aircraft" flying over the East China Sea air defence identification zone.

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How will US-Israel military deal affect Middle East?

The US signs a record $38bn deal to provide Israel with military assistance over a 10-year period.


US and Israel sign record $38bn military aid deal

US president says the 10-year, $38bn arms deal will help bolster Israel's security in "a dangerous neighbourhood".


Israel to get $38bn in US military assistance

The US will reportedly provide Israel's military with $38bn in a 10-year deal that also involves concessions by Israel.

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US to destroy 2,600 tonnes of mustard gas stockpile

Robots will dismantle 78,000 chemical-filled shells in compliance with an international treaty banning such weapons.