Sirte's children 'traumatised' after life under ISIL

Field hospitals struggle to treat women and children who escaped from the small area still under ISIL control.


Libyan forces 'take total control' of Sirte from ISIL

Hundreds of loyalist troops and unknown number of ISIL fighters killed as pro-government forces seize coastal city.


Libyan forces retake Sirte from ISIL

Strategic port city known as the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi became an ISIL outpost in 2015.

Battle for Mosul

New UN tally shows spike in casualties in Iraq

Deaths of civilians, security forces, and Peshmerga fighters are all on the rise amid ferocious battles for Mosul.

Battle for Mosul

How ISIL destroyed Iraq's Nimrud

Nimrud is one of many archaeological treasures in Iraq which has suffered under ISIL control.

Battle for Mosul

Water cut off as Mosul battle rages

Almost 650,000 people in Mosul left without water after pipeline was hit during fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIL.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi politician warns of sectarian violence in Mosul

Iraqi politician Khamis Khanjar says his Turkey-trained Nineveh Guards Force should spearhead Mosul attack on ISIL.


Philippines says 11 ISIL sympathisers killed in siege

Fighting continues in the town of Butig, two days after the Maute Group took over a local town hall.

War & Conflict

Two suspected Yazidi mass graves found in Iraq

The graves containing bones and identity cards discovered near Shababit junction in northwestern Iraq.


'Large-scale attack' thwarted in France

Suspects were planning an attack as early as December 1 on orders from ISIL in Iraq or Syria, Paris prosecutor says.


Turkey strikes ISIL positions near Syria's Al-Bab

Military says one soldier and five FSA fighters killed in northern Syria as part of two-pronged cross-border operation.

Middle East

Tal Afar: 'We just want to be free'

The future of Turkmen-majority Tal Afar and PMUs' actions could alter the outcome of the battle for Mosul.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi militiamen sever ISIL's key supply line to Syria

Shia fighters take main route linking Tal Afar to Sinjar, blocking ISIL's crucial supply route from Mosul into Raqqa.

Battle for Mosul

Arab-Kurd tensions simmer in shadow of Mosul campaign

Tensions between KRG and Baghdad could fuel a proxy war between regional powers, analysts warn.


Silence Muslims, then ask them to stand against ISIL

It's irrational to expect to hear Muslim voices condemning ISIL when they have no genuine voice in British media.

by Tallha Abdulrazaq