Middle East

Iraqi forces 'make further gains' against ISIL in Mosul

Army commanders say areas west of the Old City have been recaptured and a senior ISIL operative was killed.


MAPPED: The battle against ISIL

In the past year and a half, ISIL's territory has been shrinking steadily.

Middle East

Iraq: Fears that ISIL fighters could regroup in Kirkuk

There are growing fears that ISIL fighters pushed out of the city of Mosul could regroup elsewhere.

Abu Sayyaf

Philippine army says captive executed by Abu Sayyaf

ISIL-linked group executes Filipino fisherman abducted last year as army pursues all-out war in country's southwest.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul civilians: 'Who knows who was shooting?'

Thousands in Iraq's second-largest city have been wounded as the campaign to remove ISIL fighters continues.

War & Conflict

Karzai: MOAB raid 'brutal act against innocent people'

Ex-Afghan President Hamid Karzai tells Al Jazeera US bomb reportedly targeting ISIL is a threat to Afghan sovereignty.


Afghanistan: 90 ISIL fighters killed in MOAB attack

Afghan officials raise the number of ISIL fighters killed after the US army dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb.

Inside Story

What impact will MOAB have in the fight against ISIL?

The US military's dropping of the largest conventional bomb in eastern Afghanistan has drawn mixed reaction.


Ex-Afghan president denounces 'mother of all bombs'

Afghanistan shouldn't be a 'testing ground for new and dangerous weapons' Hamid Karzai says after US drops mega-bomb.


From Mosul to Raqqa: 'Our family is still suffering'

An Iraqi man shares his story of fleeing ISIL in Iraq and then in Syria, only to be stopped at the Turkish border.


ISIL blast near Afghan president's palace kills five

ISIL claims responsibility for deadly suicide bomb blast near government offices in the centre of the Afghan capital.

Middle East

Idlib: Who controls what

Province, the epicentre of protests at the start of Syria's uprising, is now mostly controlled by rebel groups.


Stockholm attack suspect confesses to 'terrorist crime'

Rakhmat Akilov accepts his custody detention and admits ploughing pedestrians in Swedish capital, his lawyer says.

Middle East

Funerals held for victims of Egypt church blasts

Three-month state of emergency declared after deadly bombings targeting Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria.

Middle East

'Bodies torn apart': Egypt church bombings kill dozens

Three-month state of emergency after blasts target Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria, in attacks claimed by ISIL.