Sufis return to Pakistan shrine in act of defiance

Day after deadly ISIL attack, more than 100 gather to wash blood-soaked floors of the shrine and continue ritual.


Pakistan mourns attack victims as security stepped up

Two border crossings with Afghanistan closed and at least 39 'terrorists' killed after attack at Sehwan shrine kills 88.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul upends false Iraq narrative

Analysis: The success of Iraq's counterterrorism forces highlights deep public misconceptions about the war on ISIL.


Pakistan reels from deadliest attack since 2014

At least 75 dead, including children and women, as ISIL claims blast at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Sindh province.


Saudi Arabia says four ISIL cells broken up

At least 18 arrested for providing shelter and funds to ISIL fighters and for recruitment in different parts of kingdom.

Middle East

Deadly car bombing shakes Baghdad

Attack in area full of car dealerships and garages is the latest in renewed wave of blasts to strike the Iraqi capital.

Battle for Mosul

Thousands return to Iraq's Mosul as fighting continues

More than 46,000 people go back to homes in east of city despite fierce fighting between ISIL and government forces.


Iraq's Turkmen mobilise for a post-ISIL future

The minority group has long been divided along sectarian lines - but recent events could bring greater unity.

Syria's Civil War

Turkish forces 'advance in Syria, set sights on Raqqa'

President Erdogan says Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria aims to cleanse a 5,000sq km 'safe zone'.

Middle East

Turkish troops and Syrian rebels enter ISIL-held Al Bab

Reports say heavy clashes under way in group's last stronghold in northern Syria with Assad forces also approaching it.


Afghanistan: ICRC halts operations after workers killed

Red Cross suspends some activities in Afghanistan after gunmen attacked a convoy in Jowzjan and killed six staff.

Turkey-Syria border

Dozens of ISIL fighters killed by Turkish-led forces

Battle for Syrian city of al-Bab intensifies with 58 ISIL fighters killed as rebels and government troops converge.


Six aid workers killed in attack in Afghanistan

Jowzjan governor blames ISIL for deadly assault on convoy carrying supplies to snowstorm-hit areas in country's north.

Syria's Civil War

Safe zones: Is this what Syria needs now?

Safe zones represent a solution to the symptom and not the larger problem.

Battle for Mosul

Fighting the flames of ISIL in Iraq

Firefighters are still working to extinguish the oil wells torched by ISIL as the group retreated from Qayyara.