'Israeli jets' strike outside Damascus, no casualties

Syrian army says Israeli jets fired two missiles at an area west of the capital, causing no casualties.


Hariri backs Michel Aoun as Lebanon's next president

Former prime minister Saad Hariri says supporting Aoun, an ally of Hezbollah, is necessary to protect the country.

Battle for Aleppo

Aleppo battle: Assad sends thousands of reinforcements

The Syrian government has deployed thousands of extra fighters in an attempt to reverse rebel gains in the city.

War & Conflict

Hezbollah to send more fighters to Syria's Aleppo

Lebanese ally of Syrian government acknowledges heavy losses but vows to fight on as "retreat is not permissible".


Hezbollah: Rebel shelling killed Mustafa Badreddine

Lebanese group says top commander Badreddine killed by fire from from a Sunni armed group in Syria.


Sadness and defiance as Badreddine buried

Hezbollah commander, who was killed in Syria, buried in southern Beirut, as supporters call for revenge for his death.

War & Conflict

Top Hezbollah commander killed in Syria

Lebanese Shia group says one of its highest-ranking officials Mustafa Badreddine killed in an air strike in Syria.

United States

US top court gives frozen Iranian funds to US victims

Almost $2bn in frozen Iranian assets to be given to families of victims of 1983 Beirut bombing, Supreme Court rules.

Arab League

Arab League labels Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group

The move, which was not backed by Lebanon and Iraq, comes after the Gulf Cooperation Council adopted the same stance.

Inside Story

Lebanon: What next after GCC blacklisting of Hezbollah?

What could the move by the Gulf Cooperation Council mean for Lebanon's fragile political situation?

Middle East

Iran: GCC's terrorist label for Hezbollah is a mistake

Tehran says decision to label the Lebanese group a terrorist organisation undermines peace and the unity of Lebanon.

War & Conflict

GCC declares Lebanon's Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group

Gulf countries announce the decision amid an ongoing row with the Lebanese group over involvement in regional conflicts.


Lebanon and Saudi Arabia's love and hate relationship

Beirut cannot afford the divorce settlement with Riyadh, but Hezbollah is not the sole culprit of the country's malaise.

by Martin Jay


What's to become of Lebanon?

Can the Lebanese steer away from the regional turmoil?

by Marwan Bishara


Lebanon minister quits over 'Hezbollah domination'

Accusing Shia group of trying to "extend control over state and its decisions", Ashraf Rifi resigns as justice minister.