Google launches 'Crisis Info Hub' to help refugees

Working with international organisations, Google plans to provide refugees with information critical for their journeys.

Science & Technology

Google creates new parent company

Move to place businesses under new firm Alphabet to allow reporting of results of diversified operations separately.

Science & Technology

Critics fear tech giant dominance of airborne internet

Analysts question intentions behind Google and Facebook's balloon and drone-based internet networks.

Counting the Cost

Taking on Gazprom and Google

European regulators charge the Russian gas giant of inflating prices and Google of breaching anti-trust rules.

101 East

East Meets Tech

101 East heads to Silicon Valley to investigate the Asian influence on America's high-tech boom.

Science & Technology

China's 'Code War' attacks on US internet titans

Online security researchers say Beijing has launched major cyber strikes against American IT giants eyeing its market.

Reporter's Notebook

How Youtube changed the world

Ten years since the online video platform gave users the ability to share content, it gets one billion visitors a month.


Google: Difficult to filter all YouTube 'terror'

Screening the almost 300 videos uploaded every minute would be like pre-screening phone calls, Internet firm says.


Gmail access disrupted in China

Google's popular e-mail service remains blocked while pro-state media blames Internet giant for the shutdown.

The Listening Post

Breaking Google's grip

How the EU takes on Google's monopoly as gatekeeper of information; plus, a look at media under pressure in Hungary.

Science & Technology

Google boss jumps from edge of space

Alan Eustace, 57, breaks 2012 record by jumping from balloon 41km above earth, reaching supersonic speeds as he fell.

Science & Technology

Google plans drone fleet to deliver packages

US company says it wants to create sophisticated airborne drones to deliver packages more quickly to customers.

Human Rights

Facebook experiment may have broken UK law

Facebook's psychological experiment on 700,000 users may have broken British law, says major data regulator.

The Listening Post

Resetting the net: Snowden and surveillance

One year after Edward Snowden exposed the spying at the NSA, can the internet be re-set?