Syria's Civil War

GCC ministers discuss Syria war with Russia's Lavrov

Meeting in Moscow comes as rebel coalition makes slow progress in campaign to evict ISIL from Raqqa in northern Syria.


Obama vows to deter any Iran aggression on Gulf states

US president defends Iran nuclear deal, but voices "serious concerns" about Tehran's behaviour in the region.

Middle East

Iran, ISIL on Obama's agenda in Saudi Arabia

A second round of the US-GCC summit is taking place amid shifting political and economic scenes.

War & Conflict

US-GCC summit: What's next?

The GCC meeting with Obama in Riyadh will raise serious questions about US intentions and hidden agendas.

by Khaled M Batarfi


Obama lands in Saudi Arabia for potentially tense visit

US President to meet King Salman in bid to ease difficulties between the allies and to talk about Syria and Yemen.

Inside Story

Does the Muslim world have the leaders it needs?

Members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meet in Istanbul.

Barack Obama

Obama to visit Saudi Arabia for defence talks

US president and defence chief on a two-day trip to the Gulf to talk counterterrorism and regional security threats.

Arab League

Arab League labels Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group

The move, which was not backed by Lebanon and Iraq, comes after the Gulf Cooperation Council adopted the same stance.

Middle East

Iran: GCC's terrorist label for Hezbollah is a mistake

Tehran says decision to label the Lebanese group a terrorist organisation undermines peace and the unity of Lebanon.

War & Conflict

GCC declares Lebanon's Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group

Gulf countries announce the decision amid an ongoing row with the Lebanese group over involvement in regional conflicts.


Saudi FM warns of additional measures against Iran

Adel al-Jubeir says Iran is "escalating tensions" in region as Gulf states pledge their "total support" for Riyadh.


Saudi Arabia: Assad must resign or be forced from power

Saudi FM Jubeir's remarks come as Syrian opposition groups meet in Riyadh in a bid to unite before Vienna peace talks.

Middle East

ISIL is GCC's 'number one threat'

A clear strategy to fight ISIL and dialogue with Iran are among key challenges facing GCC, Gulf analysts tell Al Jazeera

Middle East

Analysis: The battle for Taiz

The liberation of Taiz could represent the real beginning of an end to this tragic war.

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Lagarde's call to action: GCC should impose taxes

The head of the IMF warns that Gulf countries are headed for a crisis unless they cut expenses or raise taxes.