Putin and Obama discuss Syria's war over the phone

Russian media report the two presidents agreed on the need for a ceasefire and for aid to besieged civilians.

Middle East

Free Syrian Army decimated by desertions

In Aleppo, the rebel group has weakened as fighters leave due to low pay, poor conditions and fragmentation.

War & Conflict

Australia: The making of a foreign fighter

Per capita Australia remains one of the biggest contributors of foreign troops to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Special series

Syria: The Last Assignment

Cameraman Yasser al-Jumaili's unseen footage takes us into the lives of Syrian rebels – but he pays the ultimate price.

War & Conflict

Syrian army overruns town near Damascus

Troops loyal to President Assad capture from rebels Adra al-Omalia, located about 30km from central Damascus.


A game-changer in eastern Lebanon

The capture of Syrian rebel leader Abu Ahmad al-Jumaa has provoked clashes between rebel forces and

by Carol Malouf
- Maya Gebeily