Middle East

Fatah: From liberation movement to West Bank government

The recently concluded Fatah congress only intensified the aimless drift that characterises Palestinian condition today.


Fatah holds congress amid Abbas' succession speculation

Analysts say the meeting is unlikely to deliver the new strategies needed to unite Palestinians and challenge Israel.


Palestinian local polls delayed for up to four months

The postponement came a day after the Palestinian high court ruled to exclude Gaza strip from municipal elections.


Palestinian court excludes Gaza from municipal polls

Court allows West Bank to hold polls but says judiciary in Hamas-controlled Gaza has no "guarantees" for elections.

War & Conflict

Hamas is firmly in power, but it has yet to deliver

Israel has evolved a respect for Hamas forces and a practical preference for Hamas' continued rule in Gaza.

by Geoffrey Aronson

Poverty & Development

It's about time we talk to Hamas

Surely the group bears some of the responsibility for the current state of affairs, but we ignore it at our peril.

by Saskia Marsh


Palestinian MP resists arrest after anti-graft remarks

Rights groups decry attempt to arrest Najat Abu Bakr, who was summoned for questioning after accusing minister of graft.


Hamas chief urges Palestinian unity

Khaled Meshaal speaking in Qatar urges unity but says a congress among leaders should be postponed until leaders unite.


Explosions hit Fatah officials in Gaza Strip

Series of co-ordinated blasts target homes of leaders of President Mahmud Abbas' Fatah party in Hamas-ruled territory.


Hamas and Fatah reach accord on unity cabinet

Rival Palestinian groups agree following talks in Cairo that the Palestinian Authority will govern the Gaza Strip.