Colombia signs revised peace deal with FARC rebels

Government and FARC rebels sign new peace accord but public opinion over new agreement remains deeply divided.


Colombians divided on peace deal with FARC

Wave of alleged assassinations in conflict areas raises pressure on government to sign revised peace accord.


Two suspected FARC fighters killed in Colombia

Army tipped off by local community in Bolivar just days after signing of new peace deal between group and government.


Thousands rally in Colombia to support FARC peace deal

Thousands of people march in Bogota and elsewhere calling on the government and FARC rebels to save a peace deal.

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Colombia to begin peace talks with ELN rebels

Move comes after deal signed with the FARC rebel group - a pact that was narrowly rejected by voters in a referendum.

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Colombia: A Nobel Prize to save peace

The Nobel Peace Prize will offer Juan Manuel Santos and Colombians a second shot at peace.

by Remi Piet

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How is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded?

The president of Colombia wins award despite the referendum result to reject peace with FARC rebels.


Why did Colombians reject the FARC peace deal?

Former FARC hostage and presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt explains.


Colombia and FARC scramble to salvage peace deal

Government opens new national dialogue after voters reject proposed peace deal with FARC in a shock referendum result.


Why Colombians opposed the peace deal with FARC

The outcome of the referendum on the peace accord may be shocking but it is largely a result of domestic politics.

by Hisham Aidi


Colombians divided after voters reject FARC peace deal

Emotions ran high in the streets of Bogota as referendum results came out.


Colombia scrambles to save peace deal with FARC

Both sides vow to "fix" issues after voters rejected a peace accord with the Marxist group to end 52 years of war.

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Can peace in Colombia be saved?

Voters reject the historic deal to end half a century of war with FARC rebels.


Shock as Colombia voters reject FARC peace deal

President Santos says ceasefire to remain in place as rebels also vow commitment to peace talks after shock vote result.


Colombians vote on FARC deal after polarised campaign

Polls suggest peace agreement with armed group will be ratified, but Santos government not taking victory for granted.