Syrian selfie refugee takes Facebook to court

Anas Modamani accuses the social network of failing to take down false posts linking him to crimes.


Anger as Facebook safety feature raises false alarm

Thai users alerted to Bangkok "explosion" that caused no damage or injuries as social media giant triggers safety check.


Facebook finally gets serious about fighting fake news

Facebook is making it easier for users to report fake news when they see it, with fact-checkers ready to jump in.

Inside Story

Will China lift its ban on Facebook?

Facebook is reportedly building a censorship tool that will allow it to re-enter the lucrative Chinese market.


German prosecutors investigate Facebook over hate posts

Facebook says it hasn't violated German law and is working on fighting hate speech online.

Middle East

Why is Facebook targeting Palestinian accounts again?

The social media giant continues to disable Palestinian accounts and pages, activists say.

Middle East

Is Facebook neutral on Palestine-Israel conflict?

The giant social network is taking a stand with the occupier, say Palestinian activists.


Facebook 'blocks accounts' of Palestinian journalists

Account suspensions come on heels of agreement between social media giant and Israel to team up against "incitement".


Facebook reverses decision on 'Napalm girl' photo

Social media giant reverses decision to censor iconic Vietnam War image in face of mounting public criticism.

The Listening Post

Facebook's media arms race

Is the social platform protecting its rights or taking away others' in the new battle on ad blockers?

The Listening Post

Facebook vs ad blockers: It's all about the money

What does the Facebook - ad blocker battle mean for news outlets? Plus, we take a look at Globo, Brazil's media giant.


Facebook testing commercial internet service in India

Facebook is testing a low-cost wi-fi service in rural India, allowing users to access the internet via local hot spots


Zuckerberg meets US conservatives on reported bias

Facebook CEO assures conservatives after accusations that Facebook is deliberately suppressing conservative news.


Facebook: Political bias allegation not true

Facebook denies that its editors have been suppressing news stories supporting conservative political viewpoints.

Science & Technology

Brazil's WhatsApp ban affects 100 million users

Court orders 72-hour shutdown of messaging service but reasons remain unknown owing to legal secrecy in an ongoing case.