Fault Lines

The Dark Prison: Legacy of the CIA Torture Programme

Victims of the CIA's brutal interrogation programme speak out about torture and its effect on their lives.

Syria's Civil War

CIA chief unsure if 'Syria can be put together again'

John Brennan fears it may be impossible to save Syria from partition, amid conflict in which nearly 400,000 have died.

Syria's Civil War

Weapons for Syrian rebels sold on Jordan's black market

CIA plan to arm Syrian rebels undermined by theft of weapons by Jordanian intelligence agents, officials say.

US & Canada

CIA chief says ISIL 'formidable' despite setbacks

ISIL has tens of thousands of fighters and retains ability to conduct attacks around the world, CIA director warns.

Guantanamo Bay

Tortured Saudi pleads for transfer from Guantanamo

Alleged 20th September 11 attacks hijacker asks review board for freedom as the US admits his torture at naval prison.

Special series

Drone: Inside the CIA's Secret Drone War

From drone operators to strike victims, we examine the impact of remote-controlled killing and the future of warfare.

Human Rights

US torture lawsuit: CIA contractors head to court

Torture survivors sue psychologists who designed programme described as brutal, physically harmful and not effective.


Headliner: Ex-CIA director on torture and drones

Michael Hayden refuses to call waterboarding "torture" and defends the use of signature drone strikes.


Why won't the CIA admit it tortured detainees?

We talk to ex-CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden, and ask Bangladesh's deputy FM if the country has an ISIL problem.


Michael Hayden on Snowden, surveillance and NSA

The former NSA director stands by his comment that Edward Snowden is a defector.

Donald Trump

Ex-CIA chief: Donald Trump making US 'less safe'

Michael Hayden says Republican candidate's campaign comments are widening the divide between Islam and the West.


Ex-CIA director: Trump a recruiting sergeant for ISIL

Michael Hayden also believes Hillary Clinton's emails may have been hacked.

Guantanamo Bay

9/11 planner needs care after alleged torture: Amnesty

Rights group says abuse inflicted on Guantanamo detainee has led to medical problems that have been ignored.


CIA director hack by teen spotlights US cyber-frailty

John Brennan's compromised email demonstrates how even hi-tech superpowers can be bested by unsophisticated hackers.

US & Canada

US NGO researching El Salvador abuses has files stolen

University of Washington's Center for Human Rights is suing the CIA for information on abuses in El Salvador.