Fault Lines

The Taser Cases

As US police increase the use of tasers, we find out how the "less lethal" weapons have been linked to injury and death.

United States

Luke Cage: How a black boy became a superhero

As an African American boy growing up in The Projects, discovering positive black characters helped to save my life.

US & Canada

NY man who filmed Eric Garner's death heading to jail

Ramsey Orta took plea deal on unrelated charges but says police harassed him after filming officers killing his friend.


Black Lives Matter: What has the movement achieved?

We debate the issue with activist and writer Shaun King and columnist and 1960s civil rights activist Barbara Reynolds.

US & Canada

US police release videos of Alfred Olango killing

Following days of protests calling for justice over police killing of black man, El Cajon authorities release footage.

US & Canada

US crowds protest police killing of another black man

Protesters in California demand justice after Alfred Olango, a mentally ill Ugandan refugee, was killed by officers.

Black Lives Matter

San Diego police kill unarmed, mentally ill black man

Unarmed African-American tasered and shot dead by police after his sister called officers for help.


Memorial confronts US South's history of lynching

As controversy over black American killings intensifies, group to revisit racism's roots through "terror lynchings".

Human Rights

Charlotte police release video of Keith Scott shooting

Bodycam and dashboard footage do not show whether black man killed by US police was holding a gun.

US & Canada

Obama: African American museum tells fuller story of US

President Barack Obama officially opens first museum dedicated exclusively to African American history and culture.

US & Canada

'Don't shoot!': Victim's wife pleads in Charlotte video

Video filmed by Keith Scott's wife shows her telling police he is unarmed as she pleads with officers to not open fire.

US & Canada

Charlotte protesters 'hate white people': US politician

Congressman Robert Pittenger apologises for his comments against Charlotte protesters after drawing heavy criticism.

United States

Protesters defy Charlotte curfew after police killing

Crowds demand release of police footage showing moment Keith Lamont Scott was killed, and ignore calls to go home.

US & Canada

Emergency in Charlotte after violent protests

Governor calls emergency measure as rallies against police killing of Keith Lamont Scott intensify, with a person shot.

United States

One shot during rally against Charlotte police shooting

Officials say a person is on life support after being shot during violent protests against police killing of black man.