Counting the Cost

Apple versus the FBI

Ross Schulman from the Open Technology Institute discusses the FBI's encryption battle with Apple.

Counting the Cost

Why are people paying banks to hold their money?

We look at negative interest rates and examine why depositors would pay banks to hold their money.

Inside Story

Violating privacy or fighting 'terrorism'?

The war of words between Apple and the FBI over the encryption of a shooter's smartphone is escalating.

US & Canada

Facebook and Twitter throw weight behind Apple

Google, Twitter and Facebook back iPhone maker in spat with US government over encryption in its devices.


Apple rejects FBI order to crack Syed Farook's iPhone

Tim Cook says order to circumvent encryption on San Bernardino attacker's phone would set dangerous precedent.

Science & Technology

China: Latest battleground for smartphone makers

Local smartphones are giving global companies such as Apple and Samsung a run for their money in giant Chinese market.

Business & Economy

Apple boss Tim Cook to donate $800m fortune to charity

Cook says he will set aside money for his 10-year-old nephew's college education, and give the rest away before he dies.

Science & Technology

China's 'Code War' attacks on US internet titans

Online security researchers say Beijing has launched major cyber strikes against American IT giants eyeing its market.

Science & Technology

Apple market value exceeds record $700bn

Shares rise 1.9 percent, lifting Apple's market value to $710bn, making it the first company to hit the milestone.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

Am I a digital addict?

Blogger John Appleseed reflects on his attachment to his electronic ball and chain.

Science & Technology

New iPhone 6 out of reach for most Indians

Price of newly-launched Apple smartphone is equivalent to nearly two years worth of the country's median income.

Science & Technology

The iPhone launches in India

Mobile phone companies are all vying for market share in India, with 1.2 billion people.

Science & Technology

US tech firms to pay for deferred pregnancies

Apple and Facebook offer insurance coverage to female employees to freeze their eggs while they put off having children.

Counting the Cost

Portugal from the top

We talk to Portugal's prime minister about the eurozone debt crisis, plus, Chinese president Hu's visit to the US.