War & Conflict

In Libya, Britain's ignorance triumphed over caution

Like Iraq, which boosted the very terrorism it was supposed to neutralise, the war in Libya was a strategic catastrophe.

by Rupert Stone


9/11 New York: Remembering a pre-political moment

The politics of the mourning has triumphed over the mourning of the political.

by Hamid Dabashi

September 11

9/11 then and now: Terror, militarism, war and fear

It is no wonder that this war persists as terror groups expand further.

by Rami G Khouri


'I seek the pardon of all the people of Timbuktu'

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi pleads guilty to charges of destroying ancient cultural artefacts in Timbuktu.


ISIL foils governments with encryption, UN experts say

Fighters from ISIL and al-Qaeda use encrypted messages on darknets to plan potential attacks, according to a UN report.

Syria's Civil War

Tough choices ahead as al-Nusra splits from al-Qaeda

The split from al-Qaeda has long been considered, and is to a significant degree based on Syrian revulsion.

by Martin Griffiths

Middle East

Q&A: The man who defeated al-Qaeda in Yemen's Mukalla

Commander of Yemen government forces that defeated al-Qaeda in the southern city of Mukalla speaks to Al Jazeera.


ISIL's evolving strategy should raise security concerns

ISIL's coordinated attacks in Syria and Yemen augur badly for the near future.

by Rami G Khouri

War & Conflict

Suicide blast targets police in Yemen's Mukalla

Policemen returning to work in southern city recaptured by government among attack's dozens of victims, officials say.

War & Conflict

Unite or risk death, al-Qaeda chief tells Syrian rebels

In audio recording, Ayman al-Zawahiri rejects UN-led peace process, praises al-Nusra Front and renews criticism of ISIL.

Inside Story

Did killing Osama bin Laden make the world safer?

Examining al-Qaeda leader's effect on how American policymakers and Western countries deal with the Middle East.


Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden death in Pakistan a fantasy

The killing of al-Qaeda chief has had very little effect on the War on Terror, says veteran US investigative journalist.

Middle East

Why killing Bin Laden did not make the world safer

The trail of Bin Laden's legacy has been long and overwhelming.


Yemeni forces capture al-Qaeda stronghold in Hadramout

Government troops and Arab allies capture Ghayl Bawazer, al-Qaeda's last remaining stronghold in southern province.

Special series

Drone: Inside the CIA's Secret Drone War

From drone operators to strike victims, we examine the impact of remote-controlled killing and the future of warfare.