Xenophobia Attacks

Homes and shops burned in anti-migrant S Africa attacks

Renewed anti-foreigner violence has raised fresh fears and uncertainty among members of migrant communities in S Africa.

Inside Story

What's behind attacks on foreigners in South Africa?

A series of attacks targeted foreign workers and their businesses across South Africa.

Human Rights

Calls for calm ahead of anti-migrant rally in S Africa

A march protesting against migrants is due to be held in South Africa's capital on Friday, raising fears of violence.

Xenophobia Attacks

No place like home: Xenophobia in South Africa

It's the problem that just won't go away - attacks on foreigners in South Africa. Here, we get all sides of the story.

Human Rights

Germany: Dresden mosque bombed in 'xenophobic' attack

Blasts at mosque and convention centre overshadow events marking the 10th anniversary of the German Islam Conference.


Sadiq Khan on Brexit and the backlash

We speak to London's mayor, and ask fmr Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso why he supports impeaching Dilma Rousseff.


UN urges UK to end xenophobic attacks after Brexit vote

Senior UN official says rising racism and xenophobia following UK referendum is "unacceptable".

Xenophobia Attacks

Media blamed for xenophobic panic in South Africa

Government-commissioned report says 'media houses' played a role in the deadly 2015 xenophobic attacks in KwaZulu-Natal.

South Africa

Fear of xenophobic attacks persists in South Africa

South African government blamed by foreign African nationals in Durban of not doing enough to help or protect them.


Xenophobia is no Trump card

Donald Trump's xenophobia will not win him the Republican nomination.

by Hatem Bazian

Humanitarian crises

Displaced face uncertain future as S Africa camp closes

About 200 displaced foreign nationals say they have nowhere to go as local government says it will shut camp on Tuesday.


S Africa arrests hundreds of migrants in crackdown

Authorities deny security crackdown, in which 1,650 migrants have been arrested, is fanning xenophobic sentiment.

Human Rights

S Africa deports hundreds of Mozambican nationals

At least 400 people removed in raids targeting foreign nationals, drawing ire from activists.


South Africa under scrutiny for 'state xenophobia'

Police accused of heavy-handed tactics as foreigners are rounded up in a massive 'crime operation' across country.

Human Rights

Church housing refugees raided by South Africa police

At least 400 foreign nationals arrested in Johannesburg in joint operation described as a "crime-prevention clean-up".