Watergrabbing - A Story of Water

On World Water Day we look at how the inequitable distribution and control of water resources affects the lives of ordinary people living in Cambodia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Palestine

Middle East

Damascus accuses rebels of polluting water supplies

Water authority cuts supplies to Syrian capital after rebels allegedly pollute the water with diesel.

People & Power

Iran's Water Crisis

We investigate the race to save Iran's water, before water scarcity dries out entire cities and displaces millions.


US: Key ruling due on Dakota Access oil pipeline

The four-state oil pipeline threatens sacred tribal lands and local water sanitation.

US & Canada

Increased water use imperils Utah's Great Salt Lake

Water from the lake is being diverted to support the state's growing population at the expense of the environment.

Middle East

Israel: Water as a tool to dominate Palestinians

Israel deliberately denies Palestinians control over their water sources and sets the ground for water domination.


Hamdallah: Israel waging water war on Palestinians

Palestinians call Israel's manipulation of water supplies to large areas of West Bank “inhumane and outrageous”.


Israel denies cutting water supplies to West Bank

Utility company says there has been broad reduction in water supply to large parts of Palestinian territory.

Inside Story

What can be done to stop global water scarcity?

The UN says in the next 10 years more and more countries will see their resources dry up.


Devastating drought in India's Marathwada

A heat wave is searing western India with hundreds of millions of people affected by water shortages.


Year after earthquake, Nepal suffers water shortages

Pre-monsoon heat and changed water sources make this April particularly dangerous.


Drought, suicide and India's water train

Some regions in India's west are suffering from the worst drought on record with over 1,100 farmer suicides reported.

Counting the Cost

Food economics: What if the world went vegan?

Food for thought - we examine food scarcity, food security, food innovation and its economic consequences.


Are 'Water Wars' imminent in Central Asia?

Once a zone with perfect conditions for farming, Ferghana Valley is today under threat of desertification.


Thailand to drill 4,300 wells as drought hits hard

Almost $100m redirected for urgent construction of wells to supply drinking and washing water after lengthy shortage.


State of emergency in US city after water poisoned

Flint has faced a lead-saturated drinking water "disaster" affecting almost 100,000 residents over the past 18 months.