Refugee Crisis

African ghosts in Sicily

They risk it all - crossing deserts, enduring brutality in the prisons of Libya and embarking on perilous voyages across the Mediterranean on rafts and old fishing boats.


EU and Turkey locked in war of words over refugee pact

EU urges Ankara to respect refugee pact, as Erdogan lashes out at EU Parliament for freeze on talks over membership bid.


Duterte offers refugees a home in the Philippines

"Send them to us. We will accept them," the president says at a time many Western nations are closing their borders.

Humanitarian crises

More than 2,000 refugees rescued off Libya's coast

Italy's coastguard confirms 10 bodies were also recovered in 16 rescue operations carried out on Saturday.


Afghan war: Iconic face of the refugee struggle

Steve McCurry, who famously photographed the green-eyed Afghan girl in the 1980s, speaks to Al Jazeera about her plight.


Calais 'Jungle' camp evacuation: Where will they go?

Between 6,000 and 8,000 refugees and migrants living in the Calais "jungle" camp to be moved to shelters across France.


Europe vs Africa: The refugee double standard

Mehdi Hasan on who is actually bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis.

Humanitarian crises

First school bell rings for refugee children in Greece

Nearly 1,500 refugee children in Greece attended school for the first time since safely arriving in the country.


EU to issue pre-paid cash cards for refugees in Turkey

Massive EU programme will provide refugees with debit cards holding $33.50 a month to use for their daily needs.

Refugee Crisis

Thousands flee fire at refugee camp on Greece's Lesbos

More than 3,000 people forced to flee as blaze rips through one of Greece's main refugee camp on the island of Lesbos.

Human Rights

Australia's Dutton: NZ could take Nauru refugees

Immigration minister tells Al Jazeera his nation would have no objection to deal but rules out accepting more refugees.


France: Protesters demand 'Jungle' camp closure

Amid rising tension, lorry drivers, farmers and workers block traffic to demand closure of the Calais refugee camp.


Italy rescues 13,000 refugees off Libya in peak season

Libya traffickers taking advantage of calm summer weathers by cramming refugees on to barely seaworthy rubber dinghies.

Human Rights

Australians rally against refugee detention centres

Protesters call for the closure of overseas refugee prison camps and demand asylum seekers be housed in Australia.

Human Rights

Bodies of 120 refugees wash up in Libya in 10 days

Latest figures are from shipwrecks that were not previously known, IOM says, amid rising concern over refugee deaths.