Ukraine: Traumatised by war and PTSD

On the front line of Ukraine's battle against PTSD, with war veterans, psychologists, priests and volunteers.

Mental health

Q&A: 'If you've been in fire service, you have PTSD'

Former firefighter Jeff Dill is urging first responders to confront the effect their jobs have on their mental health.

War & Conflict

Ukraine conflict causes spike in domestic violence

PTSD and economic crisis are blamed for increase in violence - and stigma often prevents victims from seeking help.


Magazine: The girls of the Lord's Resistance Army

Ugandan women who were abducted as children by the LRA share their stories of rape, torture and abandonment.


Afghan PTSD patients face cultural stigma

Many troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are facing another battle front from society.

Humanitarian crises

Traumatised by ISIL, Yazidis seek help

The strong sense of community among Yazidis brings them through the trauma of war.

War & Conflict

A soft approach to returning British fighters

ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.


Pot, PTSD, and suffering: US war vets in need

US marijuana laws collide with combat-trauma victims, forcing veterans to self-medicate on the sly.


Lawyer of Afghan massacre suspect claims PTSD

US soldier charged with killing 16 Afghans suffered brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, say defence team.


Study of US soldiers alters thinking on PTSD

Experts discover correlation between stress disorder and physical trauma in afflicted US veterans.