Bangkok cleans up its act

City once notorious globally for its thick blanket of smog now outperforms San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris and Berlin.


UN: 80 percent of global urban dwellers breathe bad air

Global air pollution is worsening, WHO says, with urban residents in poor countries the worst affected.


China Red Alert warns of air pollution danger

Beijing residents carry on with life as government signals serious anti-pollution efforts in issuing Red Alert for smog.


Delhi's cars and the odd-even formula

Indian capital starts trial where cars will only able to operate on alternate days, depending on their license numbers.


Life near coal mines: Kosovo's dying villages

In Kosovo’s coal country, residents living in the polluting shadows of two power plants may soon contend with a third.

Inside Story

A matter of life or death: China's pollution dilemma

Smog takes its toll on Chinese city dwellers, with researchers saying 1.6 million died this year because of pollution.


In Your Backyard

From Canada's tar sands to Chinese advertising billboards, we explore the psychology behind dealing with climate change.


US agency revises wastewater spill estimate

Three million gallons of toxic stew continue to move through Colorado waters, threatening neighbouring states.


Battling deadly air pollution on World Environment Day

Four Indian cities top the UN's most-polluted list, shaving 3.2 years off of life expectancy.


The Power of a Calm Sea

How developments in tidal technology are helping harness the power of a calm sea.


Study: Beijing babies born heavier during Olympics

Lack of pollution during 2008 Games linked to heavier babies for mothers in late stages of pregnancy, US study finds.


Gothenburg's Green Port

Why ships in Scandinavia's busiest port are being made to clean up their act.


Saving the World's Only Freshwater Porpoise

We meet Chinese conservationists working to protect the world's only freshwater porpoise from extinction.


Conserving Rare Species & DIY Environmental Activists

Saving endangered species in the Seychelles; the civic science movement investigating corporate polluters.


Busting corporate polluters with DIY tools

Global community of activists use low cost, open source technology to expose environmental violators.