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Ex-lawyer of 'Bin Laden hunt' doctor killed in Pakistan

Samiullah Khan Afridi, who once represented Dr Shakil Afridi, who helped US find Osama bin Laden, shot in Peshawar.


Bomb kills Pakistani polio vaccinators

Two off-duty workers, both brothers, killed outside home in northwest region where Taliban fighters are active.


Pakistan polio cases at all-time high

Two-hundred-and-two new cases already reported this year, beating previous record of 199 in 2001.


Karachi's polio vaccinators in the crosshairs

Polio remains endemic in Pakistan as health workers battle anti-vaccine prejudice and threat to life by armed groups.


Pakistan restarts polio drive in tribal areas

More than 700,000 children will be vaccinated against polio but others would miss out due to security concerns.


Pakistan's battle to eradicate polio

Will health workers overcome the violence to eliminate Polio?


The Last Drops

Will health workers in Pakistan overcome political and religious tensions to vaccinate children against polio?


Polio Vaccinator: 'I will not lose courage'

Polio vaccinators in Pakistan risk their lives ensuring children under five are saved from a preventable disease.


Life cycle: Poliomyelitis

Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that can cause lifelong paralysis and muscle wasting.


Vaccination workers under fire

Anti-Western sentiment threatens to reverse progress made in polio vaccination roll-outs in Karachi.